Friday, July 27, 2007

Day 15 and 16 - Christchurch-Auckland-Home

3rd July, Tuesday morning took the Southern Link Shuttles back to Christchurch Aiport, to catch the 7.30pm flight back to Auckland...the most uncomfortable ride we've ever had, chairs does not recline, karas lagi cushion dia....not spacious as the intercity bus...but apabulih buat, its the earliest bus..$45/pp trus pigi christchurch airport... When we checked-in at the Christchurch airport, sekali kana delayed lagi flight kami...originally from 7.30pm to 9.00pm, then delayed lagi to 10.00pm....dalam fikiran saya, habis lah tiada public bus nanti mau pigi Auckland City. Very tempted mau pigi Christchurch Casino...tapi, takut kana tinggal light..hehe...taik judi betul.

more mountain view on the way back to Christchurch...
saw this CD at Christchurch cd store...
When we reached Aucklabd airport at 11.30pm, im so worried that we dont have any transport to the city, masa kami keluar theres 2 option, using the taxi or the citicab would cost us $40-$50 and shuttle $32 for 2 person, of goody!!!...trus tinggal kami lagi passenger kira macam naik taxi lah :) We already booked our room for 2 nights at Hotel Formule 1 only $69/per nite. Oleh kerana our flight was cancelled at Queenstown, so 1 night only. Nasib juga the hotel refund our money...:) Kalau hotel di Malaysia dorang kasih refund kah tu ah??
boleh tahan juga bathroom dorang
got tv & radio...tapi heater dorang rusak...
ada juga kitchen, stove, microwave & fridge...but kami tidak sempat guna

the double bed yg kana tidur 1/2 jam saja...

We only have that nite to jalan-jalan Auckland coz were going back the next morning... only one place to go that nite lah, the Sky tower.. and the Skycity Casino where the largest casino i've ever seen in my life open was sooo big, boleh sasat di dalam...soo many roulette table, sooo many blackjack table....even pokies pun entah berapa ratus machine sana.... trus noponu sina/asian lagi...

But kami main tu pokies saja, coz takut lawan semua tu cina-cina yang main basar-basar, Semua tu local (maori) people main pokies saja...& the weird thing is, dorang suka lap-lap tu machine, macam sayang-sayang ni... there this one old local lady sebelah kami balik-balik lap tu monitor punya machine....tapi balik-balik juga dia menag free games, trus sya siku Gerry suruh dia lap-lap juga machine dia...hehe..tidak juga manang... Kami balik at 3.00am...tapi masih lagi ramai orang dalam casino...tidak ngantuk ka dorang tu??

pose with the sky tower...tapi blur..

Mandi & tidur setengah jam saja...then pigi airport at 7.30am naik the citycab shuttle pick-up kami di hotel lagi..$25 saja for 2 of us... 10.00am....boarding. 10hrs later...sampai KK....yay!!! Thats it for our holiday... Style kami yang jalan sendiri-sendiri & prefer mau naik bus, very very tiring ... but siok jugalah..

Gerry missing home already...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day 14 - masih di Queenstown

2nd July, Monday, We're killing time at Queenstown, while waiting for our flight to Auckland at 4.30pm...
I planned to do the bungy jumping at Auckland....
Wanted to go to the Coronet peak, so bulih bikin snowman...but Gerry takut nanti kami missed the flight :(
So, where Gerry prefer to go..?? mana lagi kalau bukan favourite place dia...

favourite tempat si Gerry..

When we reached the airport... manatau all the flights was delayed & cancelled. Konon bad weather, terlampau banyak kabus, cannot see the mountains...takut kana langgar...
So I called the Qantas Helpline...the next available flight would be on like
"What!!!??? my flight back to Malaysia is on Wednesday..!!!"
Qantas : "We can fly you through Christchurch, if u want to rebook your tickets...". terpaksalah stay one nite lagi di Queenstown, then bisuk naik bus awal pagi balik Christchurch..

Tidak lah sya dapat pigi bungy jumping...Nooooo!!!! :-(

We booked our bus tickets to Christchurch & 1 more nite accomodation at Queenstown at I-Site, counter person bilang our accomodation only 5minutes away...skali, mau 20minit jugalah kami jalan...kurang asam betul, bagus lagi kami tinggal sana A-line hotel yang kami first tinggal only $6 difference. We stayed at Top 10 holiday park, paling bidah punya room so far & we paid $99 for the room, soo not worth it.

the double bed..dengan cadar yang bida..

very small bathroom, sabun mandi pun dorang tidak bagi...
kitchen yang tiada & tea pun tiada....peluki betul bilang Gerry!!!!

That nite, buang tension di casino...macam tu orang sana kanal kami sudah...this time kami rugi besar....pokies kalah, roulette kalah, blackjack pun kalah....tambah sya stress!!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Day 13 - Milford Sound

1st July, Sunday to cruise along Milford Sound using Kiwi Discovery $155/pp bus-ferry cruise-bus, with free lunch. Its the cheapest among all the tour companies. While we were walking to our pick-up at Millenium Hotel, at 7.30am, it was still pitch black & masih ada bulan, full moon lagitu...

In the bus, the road we're going along Lake Wakatipu, was so amazingly was still dark, but still you can see the mountains so clear, just behind was the full moon over the Lake was breath taking. Wanted to take a picture, but failed coz bus moving kan...
kinda looks like the picture below, but lagi malatup cantik...just replace the bukits to snow covered mountains....

this is not Lake Wakatipu, just to give gambaran...

at the mirror lake...

fiord covered with embuns...:(

mirror lake supposed to look like this...

snow di jalan raya...

buang snowball...

Kea, New Zealand's mountain parrot

mountains just before entering the Homer Tunnel

sya pun mau main snow...

the chasm bridge..

i took this picture because, the waterfall tidak sampai bawah, but halfway kena tiup angin...nice kan!!!

Milford Sound was also the location used to film the scenes of the Argonath in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring".

spotted some dolphins...

one of the many waterfalls..

ferry got up close with the waterfalls....many believes the water can get you 10years younger....

im soaking wet..
behind gerry macam wall saja..

Milford Sound, is a must go when you're visiting New Zealand...mesti bawa mama & daddy ni pigi sini..

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Day 12 - Queenstown

30th June, Saturday, We took 7.30am Atomic Shuttles from Christchurch to Queenstown $50/pp. We took this bus, because its the earliest, so bulih sampai Queenstown awal sikit. But we forgot that the Christchurch public bus punya timetable start 7am onwards during weekend, and we have to be there 15 minutes earlier, nasib ada bus juga at exactly 7.00am...tapi berlari-lari juga lah after kami sampai city centre....sempat jugalah, phew..!!

We stayed at Scenic Circle A-line Hotel $105/per nite standard room, usually $248 good deal from I-site. ;-)
Luckily, when we reached Queenstown, the weather is so clear...the sun shinning & we can see the cantik!!!!

woo hoo!! can see snow along jalan mau pigi Queenstown...when we passed Lake Tekapo the whole town coverred with snow, but sayang the bus did'nt stop there.

have u seen white rainbow before?

embuns coming..

i love the room...worth the money, got extra bed somemore.

right view from our room is the mountains

left view is the town center..

while we were walking mau pigi skyline gondola...we saw people playing rugby, interesting game...
also you can someone doing paragliding at the best...I want...but mahal..:(

Gerry watching rugby... nice kan the mountain view..
skyline gondola, tidak jadi pigi coz it was closed...ada event that nite..

great view of Lake Wakatipu

ngam-ngam when we were there got Winter got Authentic Carousel just for $5/pp never ride this galloping horses before, so sya jadi kanak-kanak skejap...hehe so syiok...

another view of Lake Wakatipu...we where at The Wharf

cantik ka indak..??? bukan sya...tu gunung baaa
While we were at the wharf, we booked our names mau masuk Minus 5 bar, $25/pp with 1 cocktail drink. Only allowed 30minutes inside the bar coz terlampau sajuk, but kami 20minutes kluar was -7 degrees when we were inside.

lick the horse...mau try kasih malakat tu lidah...maka glass ih...bukan pun ice sculpture.

di mulut naga..

sadap my snowflake drink, its absolut peach flavor

mesti pegang 2 tangan...nanti pecah the glass made of ice..

cheers from us..!!


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