Sunday, July 15, 2007

Day 10 and 11 - Christchurch

Day 10, woke up early in the morning so we could jalan-jalan at Christchurch City.

walking along Wochester st... bridge over Avon river...

art gallery

paluk the art centre building...

we jalan kaki instead taking the tram which cost $12.50/pp
ambil gambar while the tram limpas...hehe

ikut gaya statue..

Peacock fountain at Botanic garden...Gerry pura-pura haus?

big batang tree..

macam sayur the bunga...

Jalan..jalan...jalan... I was the one who pigang the map, so i purposely masuk Durham st.
Gerry : Mana kita pigi ni love...?
Me: Ada ni satu tempat sya mau pigi...

That's rite u guys, The Casino...I know Gerry belum pernah masuk Casino before, "kita tinguk tinguk saja bah..." ;)

they have lots of Istation a.k.a kiosk, everywhere in the city and can send photo email too,
this is what i look before went into the casino...

after casino...

took some more photos with statues..

watching people playing giant chess at Cathedral Square..

having satay noodle at asian restaurant..

Day 11, nothing much we did, bought our bus ticket to Queenstown $50/pp, booked accomodation and tours at I-site...we also wanna book our flight from Queenstown back to Auckland but Gerry don't wanna use his credit card. So we took a bus to the airport, bought flight tickets at Qantas ticketing, Queenstown to Auckland for $254/pp.

What to do next..??? U guessed right...the casino again...won a few, gerry lossed a "go home tree".


Anonymous said... da pixs....teda taman bunga yg cantik ka?...but above i wish i can be there hehehehe

Joyce said...

kami pigi masa winter bah ni...jadi semua tu pokok dia botak or brown...teda bunga-bungaan. sikit saja...


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