Monday, July 09, 2007

Day 4 - Rotorua-Palmerston North

Day 4, we took the Newmans Coach bus (same company with intercity, but more expensive) $75/pp from Rotorua to Palmerston North, no super saver this time. We gonna meet Gerry's sister Janice who is currently taking her Phd at Massey University.

Before we had our pit stop at Taupo, the bus drive kasih singgah us 5 min to take pictures at Huka Falls the largest falls on the Waikato River. So, kami pun cepat-cepat lah bergambar sana tu bridge..."Thank you bus driver".
I was wondering why is the water sooo blue..?? Peter said, its the reflection of the sky...tapi mendung pun masa kami bergambar di sana.
Internet bilang "Every second up to 250,000 cubic metres of water gushes through the gorge and shoots out over 8 metres beyond to create a beautiful blue/green pool."

Gerry at Huka falls bridge...

little red riding hood...

very powerful falls and rapids

with kasut basar at one of the lunch break pit stop depan restaurant..

lots of kambing biri-biri...Peter call them "kutu putih"

When we reached Palmerston North...punya lah kuat tu angin dia...that's why its called the city of winds and got wind farm there, the largest electricity-generating.
We stayed at Janice's place called @ the hub a student accomodation right in the heart of city center...after ampai our luggage, trus tidak membuang masa, sya sama Gerry pi jalan-jalan di city. Sementara tunggu Janice & Peter sampai mau pi dinner at 7.30pm.

the double room...Janice punya single room saja, very sempit. but just nice & simple to stay.

Dinner at thai restaurant...sudah habis makanan baru teringat mau ambil gambar...

Janice & Gerry (Muka photostate or so they said...) outside restaurant, hujan kuat masa ni...patah lagi payung si Peter masa pi ambil kereta...terlampau kuat tu angin kan.

After dinner, then trus pi Pak & Save a supermarket yang besar malatup, to buy food & wine untuk lepak-lepak di tempat Janice...

beli kiwi fruit..

Peter & Gerry comparing grapes..


Anonymous said...

wahhhhh (dengan ekpresi mulut ternganga hehehehe)... santik ooo tu gambar2 ko especially the Huka Fall...very nice and blue.....i wish i was there too...(^_^)

Boyd & Sharon Tahing said...

Nice Janice berapa lama dia di sana? Who is Peter by the way?

Joyce said...

Sudah 1thn lebih si Janice sana. Peter is Janice punya boyfriend.

Boyd & Sharon Tahing said...

oic...bah kirim salam sama si Janice. siok ooOooo dia di new jilen. ada blogsite kah dia tu?


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