Saturday, July 14, 2007

Day 9 - Picton-Kaikoura-Christchurch

As we walk to the Picton's terminal and wait for the Intercity bus to christchurch, all the car parked outside covered with ice frosting, even the road yang ada air sikit pun karas...the laut pun berasap, coz today the sun decided to kluar, before this hujan saja.
Me & Gerry couldnt resist mau touch juga the frosting...& pijak the frozen air di jalan raya. so licin...

Earlier on,we decided to stay one nite at Kaikoura, where you can see whales, dolphins & sea lion here. but tidak jadi...nasib the intercity bus ada buat lunch pit stop sini. Ada juga lah we saw a few sea lions di batu-batu on our way from Kaikoura-Christchurch.

left side, sea view...

sya busy tingu tu ocean saja, then suddenly Gerry ask me to look on my right view...
whoah!!! beautiful covered snow mountains..

kaikoura beach...

beautiful mountain view..

We arrived at Christchurch around 3.30pm, and asked the intercity bus driver where is Riccarton road, where our motel is...then he said pretty far...mesti naik taxi...aahh?? tapi dalam map nampak dekat.
Taxi cost us $28...!!!!!! actually kalau guna kreta dekat, kalau jalan jauh lah..nasib tu right in front of the motel ada bus stop, redbus $2.50/pp pigi city center.

Westside motor lodge, studio unit...

dia bagi kami tandas yg kurang upaya..., at least besar...and ada thermo heater untuk kasih panas the bathroom, tidak lah bergagar lepas mandi, and ada juga towel heater..

kitchen with fridge & sinki....complete ni perkakas dorang.
our bed ada electric heater lagi, but gerry tidak suka, dia bilang gatal, not bad for $66 a nite. kena bagi complimentary fresh milk lagi.... washing machine & dryer facilities pun free..good good

Tidak menbuang masa, trus naik bas pigi balik city center jalan-jalan...we tersesat, then nampak Pak & Save, bagus juga...beli supply makanan...Had diiner at this chinese restaurant, bergambar with the Cathedral building skijap, then balik...

Gerry at cathedral flash, and with flash.

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