Saturday, July 21, 2007

Day 12 - Queenstown

30th June, Saturday, We took 7.30am Atomic Shuttles from Christchurch to Queenstown $50/pp. We took this bus, because its the earliest, so bulih sampai Queenstown awal sikit. But we forgot that the Christchurch public bus punya timetable start 7am onwards during weekend, and we have to be there 15 minutes earlier, nasib ada bus juga at exactly 7.00am...tapi berlari-lari juga lah after kami sampai city centre....sempat jugalah, phew..!!

We stayed at Scenic Circle A-line Hotel $105/per nite standard room, usually $248 good deal from I-site. ;-)
Luckily, when we reached Queenstown, the weather is so clear...the sun shinning & we can see the cantik!!!!

woo hoo!! can see snow along jalan mau pigi Queenstown...when we passed Lake Tekapo the whole town coverred with snow, but sayang the bus did'nt stop there.

have u seen white rainbow before?

embuns coming..

i love the room...worth the money, got extra bed somemore.

right view from our room is the mountains

left view is the town center..

while we were walking mau pigi skyline gondola...we saw people playing rugby, interesting game...
also you can someone doing paragliding at the best...I want...but mahal..:(

Gerry watching rugby... nice kan the mountain view..
skyline gondola, tidak jadi pigi coz it was closed...ada event that nite..

great view of Lake Wakatipu

ngam-ngam when we were there got Winter got Authentic Carousel just for $5/pp never ride this galloping horses before, so sya jadi kanak-kanak skejap...hehe so syiok...

another view of Lake Wakatipu...we where at The Wharf

cantik ka indak..??? bukan sya...tu gunung baaa
While we were at the wharf, we booked our names mau masuk Minus 5 bar, $25/pp with 1 cocktail drink. Only allowed 30minutes inside the bar coz terlampau sajuk, but kami 20minutes kluar was -7 degrees when we were inside.

lick the horse...mau try kasih malakat tu lidah...maka glass ih...bukan pun ice sculpture.

di mulut naga..

sadap my snowflake drink, its absolut peach flavor

mesti pegang 2 tangan...nanti pecah the glass made of ice..

cheers from us..!!


Anonymous said...

I think Queenstown is the (hands down)most beautiful place in all New Zealand. yes?

Joyce said...

yep...very cantik the place


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