Saturday, August 07, 2010

My favourite Ring slings

I promised long ago to blog about ring here it is
Here is my ring sling stash...and I'm gonna tell you why I have them all and they are so pretty!!

1. Comfy Joey - Spun Sugar

A true newborn ring sling. Made from an airy blend of linen and cotton, the single layer sling softens up quickly with a little use and washing, just like your favorite luxury bed linens. Love it!!

2. Mamapatch Shantung silk - Pink Rose (sold sudah)

The V-shape tail flatters you...great for weddings/special occasions.

3. Upmama hybrid - Raspberry Red (sold sudah)

The UpMama is made of soft, strong cotton sateen with just a touch of stretch for comfort. Hybrid means the benefits of the pouch design but has the flexibility of a ring sling.

4. SweetPea - Russet Koto

Its double layer cotton, because its reversible, quite tebal compared to linen of course but its so cantik, so I gotta have it!! hihi

5. Wrap conversion ring sling -Indio Scilla

This ring sling was made out of Didymos Indio Scilla wrap, Didymos is a baby carrier brand from Germany.

I have a thing with Didymos Indio..., for those who does not familiar with Didymos Indios, maybe thinks this just a looks like a boring pattern on a kain, but there is something about indio that made millions of wrap mamas go gaga over them.... I dunno what but it made me one crazy indio mama too.

6. Wrap conversion ring sling -Indio Blue/White dyed pink

OMG so cantik oooo!!! mine mine mine...

7. Psling - cotton candy sijira w/gold rings

punya happy si Gemma

Psling aaah Psling, the most luxurious baby slings from Japan, although it is super duper expensive, but its worth it....It's airy and breathable, supportive, comfortable, beautifully made ring sling and GORGEOUS GOLD RINGS!!

SIJIRA a traditional Japanese technique called Awa Sijira-ori (a method of weaving) which is usually used for making a cotton summer kimono (a yukata). The fabric is highly hygroscopic and breathable. Although made of cotton, it has cooling qualities similar to linen. You will be amazed that even in hot weather, the fabric breathes well and immediately dries.

8. Psling colors - sea green w/gold rings

I can't get enough of the gold rings!!


Deana E said...

wah..banyak nie..memang ho peminat pink-red kan...

Erin Gray said... many!! until now i still dunno how to wear that sling end up bergantung sj and baby mcm tia suka pula dlm sna...hmmm...recently bought littlepods ssc, bt mcm loose pula bahagian kepala sna..or is it me yg tia pandai pasang..hmm...ur Gemma how many months tu yg ko kasi pakai tu littlepods tu Joyce?

Joyce said...

practice saja bah Erin, I start wearing using the litttlepods ssc on Gemma about 5-6 weeks.

~kar~ said...

Uuu, gold rings. Very bling bling!

Josh Healy said...

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江仁趙雲虹昆 said...


Anonymous said... ada lg ko mo jual ?

Hidayah said...

wiuyoo banyak jugak suda collection aaa

Ummi Ammar said...

ni mommy aaa... sangat berabis mau kumpul collection hambin dia... hahahaha... comel pula kalau ada psling ni kan. next baby mesti mau cari nih

James cuck said...

Its very easy way for hanging my baby,thanks for idea.
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Anonymous said...

i remember your Wrap conversion ring sling -Indio Blue/White dyed pink..i think i saw you with that sling once at hospital likas (was there too tunggu mau ambil blood sampel my bb), u know why i rememberm coz i love the sling hahaha.- Sally KK mommies

Joyce said...

Hi sally,

I think I remember, you came with you mother tu kan....

punya sia gerigitan tu Dr. indak pandai ambil darah...kesian baby sia menangis balik2 dia cucuk...macam sia mau cucuk saja tu jarum sana mata dia...

Baby said...

Baby will love being close to you, feeling safe and secure as you go about your daily activities. No need to interrupt your household chores to pick up a fussing baby. Just pop your little darling into the HugaMonkey Baby Sling and work away - you'll both be happier!

Mummy Dasy said...

WOW THAT'S A LOT OF RS... huhuhu x nak wat sale ke? if nak jual I berkenan giler kat SweetPea - Russet Koto :)

I have added cool emoticons to this message.
To see them go to

Evan said...


I really like the ring slings, how do I get them on commercial scale.


Brandi Koonce said...

I know you wrote this a long time ago, but did you have the indio blue/dyed pink RS made and sell the scrap? I have one identical to it in about a size 5. If not, do you remember where you bought it? I am trying to find out the history of mine. I have had it since 2010/early 2011 and bought it from someone on a swap. She was not the first owner.

Cik Iman said...

can the rings be worn with our own fabrics?


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