Monday, July 18, 2005

My 1st day of School..

Last Saturday was my 1st day of my 1st semester taking Degree in software Engineering.

1st class, we started at 8.00am. I decided to take Japanese class instead of advance English..There were only 3 of us taking Japanese class. The lecturer gave us the text book which is all in like "OMG, what was i thinking, taking Japanese!!"...
But then, the lecturer was really nice & sweet. She made the class really interesting. Macam kindergarten pula sya rasa. hehehe.

Interesting is, Japanese dont have a letter "L", so they would replace it with "R". But they cannot pronounce "R" so they replace it with "L". Confuse?...They would say "Sayonala" but spelled "Sayonara"...

2nd Class, Tamadun Islam. Don't ask..its a compulsary subject. Then Me & Ann (my coursemate) walk to the class, which is like jauh mau mati. Then baru kena inform the class kena scheduled to 7pm-10pm. Dammit..!! WTH we gonna do from 11am untill our next class at 2pm. Then the nearby canteen also close on weekends. Nasib my Gerry drive all the way to UMS & bring us go for lunch at Kingfisher. As we wait for Gerry, I saw a very familiar face...thinking *mana sya pernah nampak ni urang ah??*... then I ask Ann..

Me : Ann ko tinguk Malaysian Idol ka?
Ann : Tinguk..
Me : Bukan tu orang yg nyanyi sana Malaysian Idol yg nervous & teda confident tu. Yang audition sana Kuching.
Ann : Mana..??......Ya kan...!! dia lah tu!!!!

Yes its Adi, if u r following the MI2 show. He's the one who sang "Funny ... Familiar ... Forgotten Feelings" on his audition. Only made to top 50. He sang a duet with Kar wei who is also didnt make it to top 24.

We ask him how the MI2 like. He said very tiring & a lot of preassure...
I did say to him he's a good singer...he really is, ok!! ;)

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"Funny ... Familiar ... Forgotten Feelings
Many of you who followed the MI2 commercial clips on 8TV probably have heard or seen glimpse of this former hotel singer - Adi. Although having a unique (by Jee) and "incredible" voice (by Paul), he seemed extremely nervous in front of the judges. Paul's order for him to return in 20 minutes with another song, revived Adi's chance to come to KL. I wasn't sure if that was his style or was he also extremely nervous, but his second attempt (When You say nothing at all) seemed pretty heartfelt although he didn't look like he was enjoying every moment of it. Anyway, he made it to KL. Check out the video"
Taken from

He's pretty tall in a real person...

3rd class, 2pm...Pangkalan Data. Cancelled!!!.

I hate it when this happens...!!


So, I went to my cousin's place. My niece Joni, is engaged to a mix kadazan+sikh. She decided to convert to sikh & have their wedding at the temple next year. Woohoo...can't wait. I think bulih bah tu eela,... pakai Saree.. kikikik...

Jolene (Joni's Eldest sister), Me, Joni & Fiance. Atas tu fiance punya sister...

With my cousins... guess im not ready for a pose here...
from left: JJ's fiance, Bibi, me, Flora, Gitik, Pipop..Standing: Didi

Gontuwong & Tondu main puzzle...punya berabis dorang ketawa masa sya ambil ni gambar...


Mel said...

I keep thinking it's the chinese guy who auditioned at kuching & another place (i dun remember. I remmeber Gee really liked him for his determination). dia terlampau nervous sampai nose pun twitching. bukan itu kah?

Joyce said...

nope not him..

Yo. said...

haha, i like your energy drink.

yeah, i thought he was pretty good. i didn't think he lacked confidence, and even if he did, i thought MI had trainers to improve that.


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