Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dinner @ @mosphere

Had dinner at @mosphere. ngam-ngam juga Shirley's birthday... since my cousin Rayner not in Coco joe's suda .so pigi test sini lah.

I like the free valet lah, thanks for the info mr.badak kalau tidak jalan kaki lah kami tu naik tu tangga. Hujan lagi masa tu.

i love the ambiance, really nice place but the food price..fuh gilaaa...

the bar...and also u can see the lift punya door...when the door buka kan, then trus waaahhh so cantik (for the first timer lah).

Gerry's niece work as a waitress there... at first sya takajut dia panggil gerry uncle. Tua ka dia dia nampak si gerry ni..!! but memang butul-butul uncle dia pun hehe..!!

lut solo pic..utk friendster bah!!

Lambshank...recommended by the waitress

chicken ..something, i forgot the name..but its chicken lah..
gerry's request : mau juga kasih include logo arsenal di baju dia tu

Lut & shirley specially picked by the chef...yummy!!

mostly people said that the revolving restaurant revolves too fast... but maybe at nite we wouldnt notice it, coz you couldnt see outside. Coz me & gerry didnt feel dizzy pun. Great place to have romantic & quiet dinner with your love ones. :)


Wazatsmelfrm said...

Odoi dogo.. the Lambshank looks Estupiendo! damn.. It is my fav fav.. baru semalam sia cari sini Bath.. tapi au koindad so went to eat tapas again

mae kOlis said...

Lambshank is my favourite too...@tmosphere does look very glamourous place to be...i heard about the food being a bit too pricey too tho' .. and betul kah the wine is RM38 per glass?

Joyce said...

we didnt drink wine that nite, but masa sya tinguk tu wine menu...malatup juga harga dia!!

~kar~ said...

chee-yoot oo ur sister (si didi).

saya mabuk oo masa di @mosphere... buwekkk..

Joyce said...

haha..di @mosphere also u can mabuk..although music dia yg soft. but cantik oh kan that place

melody said...

apa punya harga are we talking about? ada setanding sama kl punya hotel restaurant prices? i guess places like that you don't need to go every week, pasal nanti keboringan dan kebankrapan... kalau once in a while tu bagus lah, baru ada special sikit. but i wonder how long the business can sustain though... harap2 buli juga saya tertry test...


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