Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Farewell toy boy

We have to bid goodbye to our friend Mikey. Who now already left KK & back to his hometown, UK. Sorry lambat update...been very busy, walaupun indak kerja hehe ;) this party was i think 2 weeks ago lagi...but baru update now.

Lut tukang bbq chicken wings...

mmmm yummy chicken wings...!!

trus trus start karaokeing...

food & wine

boys singing...

eon's homemade cake is sooo tinggi looks like a hat..

Jag's new hat, hihi

dunno what makes eyon berabis ketawa...she looks so happy!!

didi taking a bite off from hubbs cake.


ur a natural

see ya mike..!!

eyon's ass...haha


Mr Hobo said...

I didn't know mat sallehs do Karaoke!

Joyce said...

everybody can do karaoke bah..

~kar~ said...

jag tu doc @ QEH ba kan?

Joyce said...

yes kar..he's a doctor at Queen & still single ;) !!


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