Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Siambun's Kaamatan family sport

Highlight of the week was our 1st kaamatan family sport organized by the Siambun guys. Although i missed the morning part, but it still give me laughs by looking at the photos.

p/s caption by didi
Early comers....unlike your usual malaysian timers. Bravo!

Eagerly waiting for the games to start...

Amusing ourselves while waiting for the others

Still waiting....

And waiting.......

The line-up

Buka slipar dulu then can run faster

First match on the menu is betelnut-in-spoon race

Spacing themselves. Doesn't this remind u of
time kici-kici di primary school main lumba

Orang Tua@Ketua Kampung Flagged the first game off
with an improvised starter, A stick n Plastic bag pasar while
waiting for the whistle

On your mark, get set.....

Go!! Go!!Go!!

"ok..siapa dapat numbur 1"

The boys getting ready to race...

Sam n Nic all geared up while issac is just
contented looking groooooovy....

Photo finish. Check out the finishing line...
Tali rafia yang kana sangkut di hujung jari

hot sunday morning...

the organizers = lines man

The grandmas n grandkids. Loyal FANS!!

Next race is ...

Georgia & michino ready to race..

Gogo n Kakak Eta giving few tips to their kids

Funkier method of being dragged on betelnut leaves

look at me.....

Adam n Cousin Gitom. Afizan feeling the heat of the sun

Abang Sowitoi a.k.a Ketua Kampung

Gunny sack race!!

Jay-Jay can't stand the heat, he's filming from
the comfort of his car.
Gogo pouring flour onto
the plate for the find-the-coin-amongst-mountain-
of-flour game

Blow Athena, blow!
"Siapa muka paling kutur...dapat price juga!!!"

Prize for grubbiest face goes to Ethaniel@

50m dash...
Alex : "ok...mesti buat 'on-your-mark' macam gini dulu baru bulih lari...!!"

ready!!! on your mark....

its the adults turn now..

my mama hurt her arm so, daddy have to tarik kakak tondu...too heavy!!!

so daddy kena kasih chance depan sikit

ita & chong ready to race

alon : oi!! main buyuk..!!

oh my goodness..!!

eventhough di depan tapi last juga

fuhh...that was a though one!!

ancis our chief cook

leslie & lut doing the shot putt

now the married woman please line up...!!

1st:josie, 2nd:kakak tondu(dats right!!), 3rd:Octavia

married guys age45 n above...baru 3 step, chong sudah jatuh!!

football match, bachelor vs married. and they have to wear bra & skirt & dresses..

OMG...!!! look at all the peruts!!
cool JJ, matching underwear..

yoo hoo...pass the ball please..!!

im so pretty playing football..

jorgy..looking sweet!! hihi

kick the ball girls..!!

the ayus...im too sexy for playing football
To be continued...by 31st may for the kaamatan festivals


Heidi Labadin said...

Joyce...punyalah bikin ketawa the guys main football....betul² kana tocher durang pakai womens' undergarments...siok juga u all buat mcm tu...

Joyce said...

hahaha ya bah. mau kuyak sudah skirt sya tu si lut pi pakai... but the "on your mark" pose punya picture lah paling bikin ketawa.. kalau gambar sudah bikin ketawa...apalagi tu video. hehe

~kar~ said...

astaga...punya funny the pictures... tapi best oo... mau propose to my family lah...

Fridaycat said...

OMG. funny sial.

Anonymous said...

LOL First picture, punya basar tu "kili", just ngam for making kupi to those lovely people.

I lurv all those pics Joyce! Luv em, luv em! Thanks for sharing them and Didi's caption were hilarious. The happy kids and grown ups smiles were just priceless. Some of the contestants looked good in bras and sarongs LOL

Yo. said...



an the kids bebaris mau lumba so kiutttttt

Lynn said...

punyamain syiok!!!! hahahahahha so damn funny the football with bra's and panties..JJ punya bikini baru la..hahahaha

lynne said...

Hisshhhhhhhh NI LA BIKIN SA JELES... PRICELESS NI EVENT better than go japan laaaaaa....... aiayah bila sa teda byk pula happening... make sure take photo Osso on the 31st! SobS! SobS!

mrbadak said...

tukoi.. speechless sia nampak wet bikinis yg tidak bikin turn on..

Yo. said...

maybe i want to join dis family hahahaha

Adie said...


Thanks a million for posting sumua tuh piccies. Sia tinguk tuh gambar w/ all emotion inside out bah...katawa menangis...mostly katawa saturang-saturang bcos 1. it's funny 2. bcos sumua nampak had so much fun 3. mimanglah syiok and funny.....and menangis bcos 1. sia missed all that fun 2. kami teda sana w/ all our families 3. bcos sia miss all family back home 4.bcos tlampau bikin katawa sampai mo tidur pun sia buli katawa sendiri sampai ter-doze-off.

Tidak puas sia tinguk ohh...inda sabar sia tunggu tuh kaamatan 31.

imanobody0 said...

SEXY juga si LUT tu!!!
Wah!!Kirim salam!

Desmond said...

Looks like fun time before Kaamatan - Ngotobian Tadau Kaamatan - belated greetings :)


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