Monday, June 05, 2006

Fun time at Hamin Penampang

Still editing pics+video of the family kaamatan party.
For now i leave u guys with didi & friends who had a blast at KDCA, hamin Penampang.

Especially Dr.Jag, Didi said he was 'THE STAR' of Ka'amatan. Pampered by no other than Tingguning. Sampai Tingguning tia mau balik if Jag tia antar dia sampai rumah. He had the works, Tapai, lihing, kirai, NINGGAT, some weird food......& in the end, he proclaimed 'The best ka'amatan ever in my life'.

Tingguning making a niggat for Jag

and shoved it to Jag's mouth..

fixing the nabuu for jag..

dance with me

my new "boyfriend"

here let me help u

even wore the sigah

didi enjoying

Christopher Ligadu offering Didi a beer

Kotobian Tadau Tagazo do Kaamatan


melod said...

finally! you got the pics from jags! :) funny oh when i fikir balik tu hari... hahahahahaha too bad we balik awal.

maeKOlis said...

it was funny indeed ... i was there to see the 'joy' he was experiencing ... got loads of photos taken of them too..nanti sia email to one of you kio.

I had too had a blast at Hamin Penampang sampai patah! hehe

maeKOlis said...

i meant, i too had a blast ...!

Joyce said...

good lah u guys had fun...hahaha

Bee said...

Joyce, this is Baizurah. Ko sudah hantar surat to mr. Nordie? Sia belum lagi lah... takut ni.


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