Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Engagement - 18th June 2006

are we ready to drink berabis today

my cousins, my cook, my chef

Leo, Kakak Isa & Adam

getting ready...

Bapa...a.k.a mafia Tuavon

my cousins, aunties & mama

another group pic...kakak Isa juga lah paling banyak muka dia di gambar

waiting for my prince charming

rombongan pihak lelaki

he looks excited

more rombongans from gerry's side.

we come in peace

cerita-cerita dulu..

ketua kampung without his glasses : "hari ini bertarikh 18hari bulan lapan...."

Lut pun excited

surat perjanjian pertunangan...
already typed neatly, tidak perlu sudah main macis-macis

papers ready to be sign

and i was called down to sign the papers

witnesses singing the papers

ketua kampung also have to sign

nervous ka?

Mr & Mrs Andrew Thien

with the girls..Octavia, Jovini & Shirley

the kids...consist of my cousins, nieces & cucu
picture with Kakak Isa

Presenting the "berian"

berian for me + 1 gold ring for didi

and the Mass starts..

the letters are too small

1st reader, Carl Moosom

ring from him

ring from me


and earings..

didi kena limpas, so have to give her a gold ring...nanti dia teda jodoh. Hehe

one huge flower bouquet for me

Buntat: daddy sudah tu Os..!!

cake cutting

family pic

food blessing

and the moginum session starts..

josie & Lut

group chef yang terbaik punya!!!

gerry's side

my side

Ruby & King...here doggy doggy!!

Alex patah..

cousin Leo from dad's side...and cousin Arnold from mom's side

malas sya Hubbs malu-malu kucing...sya panggil Kevin, baru ko tau!!

Kakak Ili, Vivi & Leo

my mom & her sis, Aunty Tilon

Zarina pun ada datang..

mr Jimonon, didi & me


demam AF

Seadge & Cruz

Kong 1st time attend kadazan engagement party

Dr Jag & artist Ben Gazzi

boy bakakuk gets some kissy-kissy action from Lut

let me see ur bulu-bulu..!!

Lut punya troops..

all ready to Gerry's house...but one glass of my poison vodka redbull dulu.

Jnr & Vivi , Kakak tondu & Jimonon at Gerry's place


slow dancing


Zarina & Carl

Zarina again with Alon

food table cum dancefloor

one of gerry's friend who came


bestfriends ooo!!

gerry's bro in laws Daim & Albert


my cousins & gerry's friends

buntat having his dinner

didi & her admirer

Daim with my sisters & Jimonon

Carl Moosom & Family

group pic

song request..

"My love....there's only you in my life"

Didi & Uncle Koyumpuk do the sumazau


with didi & Obot a.k.a Biadap
Amex watching the adults mabuk...10 tahun lagi baru bulih join.

just engaged


shannen said...

Congrats ...And your dress is fabulous you look gorgeous..wheeww

Yo. said...

ya, you look beautiful in da dress! congratulations on your engagement!

Baizurah said...

Your engagement party looks beautiful....

you look pretty in that dress... or should I say "THAT DRESS IS JUST FAB!"

Joyce said...


aik my dress yang dapat all the credits. I bought it at karamunsing(lepas sudah round center point, wawasan plaza & wisma merdeka)for just rm45 only.

Lynn said...

Joyce, You look absolutely stunning and beautiful! Ok I think I'm gonna have to call you soon to find out what really happens coz from what my mum says kan lain daripada your pictures..just to make sure ba. oh and I need to find out about the rental of the tent and the cake..hehehe.. Yay can get tips from you..

MaeKOlis said...

Big Congrats to U and Gerry! Just realised that Gerry is Joyce Asing's brother pula..no wonder i thought he look so familiar! You both looked absolutely stunning together ..

Congratulations again!

Mae Kolis

Ipha said...

Congrats to you Joyce:)

Heidi Labadin said...

Joyce...beautiful & malatups heheheh...seriously u looked so beautiful...Congratulations!!!

Joyce said...

thanks hehe..

ya si Gerry is Joyce Asing punya brother. so ada 2 Joyce sudah nanti. ;)

imanobody0 said...

You look stunningly beautiful!
Congratulations. I remember what you told me, that it was easy for you coz you needn't look too hard. Gerry found you *Sigh*...Macam fairy tale. I had my fairy tale dulu, so maybe it's not going to work out for me the 2nd time. Haha...Anyway, congrats again!

totoy said...

woit . . is it too late kah too say congrates?? no bah kan?? hahah CONGRATES to you!!! u look gorgeous in that baju. :)

Wazatsmelfrm said...

nice la all the photos.. and by the way gerry's nameless friend is my 1st kajen.. si Dantom.. small world.. takazut sia nampak muka dia pun ada sana..

Joyce said...

oh really kah...he's a good friend of gerry's yang tidak pernah miss pi rumah kalau ada party. hehe.

nobody said...



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