Saturday, June 17, 2006

Pre-hen's Nite

Few days before my engagement...didi organized my Pre-hen's nite, just out for the nite with the girls & couple of my close friends.

starting the night with a bottle of Moet & Chandon for everyone...mama baru realize champagne bikin mabuk pula.

special table at Luna Rossa

with my good ol' pal Leyana

with cousin Eyonn...

view from our table

"os kau tidak mau ambil gambar sia having my first taste of white wine"

cheers to osso..!!

group picture

bye-bye special table..

off to Blue good friend Zarina with Josie

shy shy cat

*muahs* from Eyonn to Jag

so called deadly drink flamming lambourgini yang tidak buli bikin apa-apa untuk kasih saya mabuk... muahaha!!

hi, im miss pumpkin lamp...

tiatau mana didi pungut this group of orang putih

when i can speak english fluently..

Miss Kong & Hubbs

Josie n Jag

nooo!!! please dont..!!!

u have to Jag...kau saturang saja yang botak!!

my tequila shot!!

mmm...more please..!! Looks like Jag eating my head.

Jag gets some loving from the siambun sisters

Lets get high...!!

next "botak" victim...the band member

Elsa & Jag

piggy ride with Jag

mabuk sudah kau ni Rina

ok guys where to after this..??

Nining & Alfie shuffling at Razz-ma-tazz

with Zarina after penat dancing

Its time to go...
Lut doing a brokeback to Junio

punya sakit my head kena hantuk with Jag's head masa head banging to a sweet child of mine song!!! and saya tiada injut kama masa di dance floor....orang lain mangkali tu..
Ini baru PRE...belum lagi yang the real was a fun nite... thanks girls!!

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