Monday, June 12, 2006

Siambun's 1st Kaamatan 2006

This would be our first kaamatan for our family...i'm so glad what the guys had done.
and the siambun women doesnt have to do anything...
the guys juga yang buat the clean up...cuci piring and all. hehe..
Kaamatan this year was very fun & interesting, coz everybody is such a syiok!! so yang nun jauh di sana yang termiss this year punya kaamatan...apa bulih buat lah kan.. :) tinguk gambars saja...and a few video clips..

nice pics evening pic..with the granpas

Grace wearing a "moludu", with mami alon

the opening sumazau from
juju, michi, wani, Yvonne and Georgia

more pic taken with grandpa

the cucu cicit

juju & sam looking all happy & cheerful at the event

the magagungers

mami tukang mininggarung

mayo trying to avoid mami

kakak tondu & grandson with mama ichot

simols & siambuns

mayo, alon, Lut & buntat, some of the siambun&chuan guys

boy putik and wife celes

everyone wanted to take picture with the unique bajau dusun attire of kota belud worn by Jay-Jay.

jay-jay the camera man with Didi

from the Bosinggul family

Bosinggul relatives

president of the Bosinggul & Siambun

7 beatings gong represent 7 siblings of Siambun children.
Sindulin, Simol, Andak, Baduk, Moutut, Onong, Aman

Dinner time

momom...gogo punya jugalah macam bukit

Lut wants to taste some of his dinner

temporarily tukang cuci piring

cucu ethanial & cucu Tasha

niece jade & cucu aan-aan

mori & her 3 girls..

do the sumazau like u just dont care

girls waiting to be registered..

unduk ngadau girls..

1: Lyn Tony Simol
2: Erica Joachim Siambun

3: Shannon Steve Lo
4: Michino Ago

5: Georgia Ago
6: Athena Thien

7: Yvonne Ago
8: Wani boniface siambun

9: Elisya Simol
10: Jade Siambun

all the contestant...
Tasha tarik diri

Ms. Unduk Ngadau Siambun 2006
Lyn Simol

Juju Ago with his keris...

presenting the winner....
Mr. Kadazan Siambun 2006
Ethanial @ gontoruk

contestant of mr.Kadazans
1: Juju, 2: Samuel Chong, 3: Nicholas Thien, 4: Aaron Simol, 5: Aan-ann, 6: Klinsman Lo, 7: Ethaniel

doing the sumazau

fancy dress begins

octavia helping Paulinus turning into Paulina

all is ready...go showgirls

Jim bragang @ Clarence(Mimi's fiance)

Zach..i forgot his fancy name

Leoni @ Leon
& Paulina @ Paulinus

Rossa @ Ianto
& Anastasia

Shakira @ Lut
& Mona @ Leo


Shakira belly dancing with her fan

i dunno how the judges can still keep a serious face

grabbing boobies..

ah yeah...shake that thang ..

2 become 1

part of the fancy dress clip..enjoy haha!!

lets cha-cha..

Ethaniel's partner...with his nenek Jowita

Let the party begin

bartenders, Lawrence & Mike

Leslie serving beers

the deadly sosopon

sosopon serving in suki is very good according to Jolin the tukang singgarung

Gerry doing the sossopon

surung-surung lagi..

com'on oss

go oct...

didi was so desperate on winning the game...saya too slow lagi.
susah bah mau kasi kana tu kotak macis...she main buyuk & tolak my pantat.

Alon & Grace

didi's gang
Till next year...kotobian kounsika'an


Anonymous said...

sangai...u guys sure had a blast! siok sya tingu kamurang punya pictures and i enjoyed the video clips the most especially tu video kamu try surung tu macis. kestau c gerry dia kena practise tu banyak kali...terlampau slow! hehehe oh ya... lucu juga tingu ur brother, Lut menari Shakira...awwwww....
-- Joyce, TX

Anonymous said...

ehh...itu baju jay jay is not traditional bajau attire ah... dusun kota belud punya baju lerrr. - eeyonn

Lynn said...

haiya why am I never there when all of this is going on..punya best os!!!!!! hahahahhaa SHAKIRA!!

Desmond said...

The last time I wuz in Sabah, one very important lesson learnt - never challenge a Sabahan to drink tapai with straw.... * hangover*

Anonymous said...

i ws there as the chuan's guest. it ws INDEED very fun!

Joyce said...

glad u had fun :)

Anonymous said...

dont know who you guys are but you sure look great havin' all that fun!



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