Friday, May 27, 2005

Kotobian Tagazo do Tadau Kaamatan 2005

Norikot nodi bulan lima...

Harvest Festival is around the corner...dunno who's gonna be the next unduk ngadau...

What is Unduk Ngadau?

Unduk Ngadau literally means the 'Noon Sun'. Legend has it that Kinoingan, the Creator, sacrificed his only daughter Huminodun so that all his people would have seeds to grow the food they needed.

Her head gave rise to the coconut, her flesh became padi, her blood red rice, her fingers ginger, her teeth maize, her knees yam, and so on. When it was time to ascend to the heavens, Kinoingan and his wife Suminundu held a big feast as desired by their daughter, so that the people would not forget the sacrifice. But during the feast Kinoingan was overcome with grief for his daughter. He played a special tune on his bamboo flute and called out her name. Miraculously, she appeared from a big jar which was used to hold the remains of the threshed padi. Her return to life added much joy to the festivities. To honour the sacrifice made by Huminodun for the people, the search for Unduk Ngadau - or the Harvest Beauty Queen Pageant - the ideal Kadazandusun maiden resembling Huminodun in terms of total beauty of the heart, mind and body is the highlight of to-day's Ka'amatan Festivals! Ka'amatan Festival
taken from Virtual Malaysia

Did you know my mom was crowned Unduk Ngadau 1973'

Prisca Tiko, Unduk Ngadau 1973

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Joan D'Arcy said...

Wow! Your mom miss Unduk Ngadau 1973.. I have seen her before.. She is still very beautiful! :)


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