Monday, May 16, 2005

I wanna be a Millionaire...!!!

Did u know that jackpot is RM12 million...I really wanna be a millionare...I mean who doesnt. I bought a ticket yesterday, but only matched 3 numbers...hmmm. Sanggup bah me & yolanda buy the lottery, eventhough kuat hujan... hehehe...did u win ka Yo...!!! hehehe.

I hope no one won the jackpot yet, besides Yolanda. Manatau she already on her way to Russia...hahaha...still got tickets for wednesday draw...


Yo. said...

hahaha bulum manang!!!!!!! sial i so scared!! scared someone else wins it!!!

Lynn said...

Hi osso...can I have your hp number, luthers hp number, josie's phone number & didi's hp kana curi bah and just wondering if you got the stuff i sent to you...and si safarina and mea's number..actually i have a long list that i want ba.. i maradang oh my phone kana curi. si selina pun..if i want more i'll sms you when i get your number k..hugs (SIA PUN MAU JADI MILLIONAIRE OH!!!)


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