Monday, May 09, 2005

I called it "Just nice Weekend"...

Weekend at Kuching was ok...

Saturday nite I went out with a group of chinese girlfriends, then u know lah kan what kind of club the would go. "Feng Tau" club yg main techno music... Then one of my friend got drunk & puked. She said her vomit got blood...but when we check in the sink, only green green thing floating leiiyy!! she must be really drunk & hallucinating...when we drove back home, again with the techno music they played soooo loud talked even louder,smokes inside the the windows mesti buka.... So u know la how it feels when every car pass by mesti tengok...but luckily i know no one would recognize me, bcoz im at Kuching..hehehe.

Sunday afternoon, me & my friend Jenny took her mom to watch crocodile at Jong Crocodile Farm because its mother's day...very interesting actually.. i was sooo excited to watch the crocodile would jump up from the water grab his food...i think the food was hang up about 8-10 feet high pun he can still lompat that high. wow!!!

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