Thursday, December 22, 2005

Office Christmas Party

Yesterday my company held a Christmas exchange gift party.
I dunno what to give present for exchange, then i thought i'd give some of my free makeups i had couple of months back.

That morning i brought my gift to office and decided to wrap it there coz i dont have time wrapping it at home. Then 3 of my colleagues saw my gift and they wanted my gift instead. So then we make a deal that they can have the makeups unless replace with another gift for exchange gift party later. Last-last my exchange gift kena replace with a frame. Kesian si Ann dapat frame...frustrated jugalah after she knew what was my present earlier.

Everybody waiting for the party to start

3 monkeys colleagues who made the deal with me. Ms Lim, Susia and Evelyn.

the account department

the admin department

i got a teacup set in exchange from Fion(my head dept punya wife)

this is the funny part...evelyn ask Susia to help her buy a present from the supermarket for this party. Turns out Susia got the gift from Evelyn,mean she pick the gift for herself...menyesal tidak beli yang mahal-mahal hehehehe!!

Our Account Manager, Sam. He's still single. Anyone? sya tolong kasih kirim salam maciam... ;)

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