Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Wah.. free make-ups..!!!

Kong's friend Charlotte, closed her make-up business and gave away her products for Free. Coolase brand product from Korea.

Im so happy & excited when Hubbs & me went to Kong's house and saw piles of make-ups on the floor...bah apalagi kami macam orang gila pilih & ambil the make-ups...woo hoo..!!!

i got ...
1 pretty red handbag, 1 Coolase black t-shirt, 18 different shades of eyeshadows, 10 nail polish, 2 2-way cake makeup powder, 2 makeup base, 3 color box for lip, 3 eye glitter, 4 lipliner, 2 eyepencil, 5 lipgloss, 2 mascara, 3 eyeliner, 2 toiletry bag 1 box of 31 SPF lotion, 1 box of coolase hydrofighter.

So jangan hairanlah if I get u guys make-ups for birthday presents hihihi..!!


~kar~ said...


Mel said...

wahhh...bah my birthday same like Didi (2nd Dec)!...mau make up? :)


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