Monday, January 02, 2006

Siambun New Year Eve Party 2005

New Year's Eve party at Bapa Ichot's...

"It has been more than 10 years since our last family gathering.
So much has changed and happened since then - both good times and bad.
through the years, the one true thing that has not changed and sustained us all is our strong family bond. and so, what better way to celebrate what we are and what we have than a new year party for the entire family."

gambar-gambar at vivi's place before going to Ichot' wearing a Gypsy like outfit..gotta love vivi's 50's look..

didi n vivi

nieces n nephew

Eyonn's beyonce do..hihi

Photo Session

Joseph Onong Siambun's family

Vivi, Isa, Ili, Ita n Obot.
Not present : Mama(Alexia), boy putik n abang cyril

Jimmy n Ili


Kakak Ita's family.
Adam(1st), Michael Chong, Samuel(3rd), Ita n Zach(2nd)

Kakak Isa's family
Nick(2nd), Andrew Thien, Athena(3rd), Isa n Dom(1st)

George Baduk Siambun's family

standing : Ben, Leo, Ichot, Bony
Sitting : Mori, Mama(Agnes), Bapa, Maureen

Mori's family
Yvonne(3rd), Mori, Georgia(2nd), Michino(1st), Gogo n Juju(4th)

family picture...

Irene Sindulin Siambun's family

Jowita, Sowitoi, Sil, Robin(husband of Gitom), Gitom
not present : Gabin n Pitol

family picture..
standing : Alex, Octavia, Ilum, Mimi, mimi's fiance, Mayo, Gitom
sitting : Jowita, Sowitoi, Sil, Robin n Ethanial@banus(Ika's son)

Andrew Moutut Siambun family

Alon, Grace(alon's gf), Mami(Shirley), Eyonn n Eela.
not present : Ollol n family.

Clement Simol Siambun family

Abang Inu's family.
Michelle, Marina, Abang Inu, Pet, Cassey

Tondu's family.
standing : Boy tondu, baby@toyol, Leon, Leslie
Sitting : Abang Peter, tondu, an-an(ah hoi's son), Ah hoi
not present : Pipi

1st : grandson with grandparents

James Aman Siambun Family

Standing : Gerry, me, Jimonon, Josie, Carl, Didi
Sitting : Mama, Daddy n Lut
cute kan Jimonon sini...berabis kakak isa kasih ketawa dia tu di depan...hihi

1st, 2nd n 3rd generation of siambun guys...banyak lagi tapi ramai yang belum datang

All the guys plus husbands, fiances n boyfriend n friends of siambuns

2nd generation of siambun girls...banyak juga yang not in the picture.

all the girls plus wives, fiances, girlfriends n friends of siambuns

candid pic

Happy new year from all of us...!!!!

The party Begin

dancing presentation from Yvonne, Wani, Georgia, Michino n Athena

presenting throphy to the champion of Oton's Cup.
Sorry silap angle ambil gambar...

Let's do d sumazau Jimmy

hancurr grace kena suruh minum..paling awal patah 10pm suda no-falat!!

York kena tizus beer from mami..

semua yg not in the photo session kecuali kakak isa lah...Ibi n the simol's punya family

peace from Ichot..

let's party...!!

let's joget...

Banus taking the dancefloor...

Lut and his chix Shirley

Martel for the ladies...

Ibi n Pipop

Eela didi n Lut..

Eela just after muntah, sempat lagi bersms...;)

Missing the countdown again...

Minum, minum, minum(chanting*)...Bibi kena suruh minum from Obot n Bony


flamming lambourgini...especially made by Jerry n his gf Govinee...hisap, hisap, hisap(chanting*)!!!
Didi waiting for her drink, sebelum patah...!!

Happy new year 2006....hope this year will be better year for us...


~kar~ said...

My family will be holding a family photo as well....Siap ada invitation also...Nice kan to have all the family around?

Joyce said...

yeah..? we also got invitations...thanks to Eyonn for the beautiful designs.

Its good to be with the family.

terry said...

Great event and pictures!

thats good family building, keep it up. terry dolinting

hanayeol said...

Hi, invite you baduk blog


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