Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Flash Back : Oct 2002

Grace Chong , Tressy, Me n my late brother Oton

Picture taken on Tressy's 21st birthday. I brought Oton coz he actually wanted to come & Tressy invited him. and i needed a driver hihi.

Tressy : "Joyce ah...bring your liang-chai brader yang botak tu yaaa..."

As I told this to Oton, of course lah he likes to hear all my colleauge said he's "hemsem"... he would turned down the car radio low...and hear me talked about my friends said he's "hemsem". "Your brader looks like the guy in the movie The Mummy oh...". Then he would smile gleefully and said..."ahaaaaa!!!!" Then he would start talking and making jokes in chinese accent...and said to me:

"Kita pigi singliligen ah ini malam..."

"Joyce terh tiang hua...line 2.." well its not funny...but it is to me. coz the way he immitate it was really funny. He always manage to fool me when he called me, and started speaking in chinese and I would answer him "Errr i dont speak chinese"...then he'd be this some chinese guy trying to talk in malay...hehe.

Oh ton...i miss ur jokes soooo much...!!!!


Lynn said...

mee too...i also miss his "new words" and expressions..and remember when you told me his new word at the time and i sms-ed him and he said pacah perut dia katawa...hahaha

Joyce said...

oh yah...mahaii!!!

Anonymous said...

:) Thanks for sharing your special moments.


Anonymous said...

cheers to oton in heaven - my kaki on Wed/Thur at Singliligen...


Joyce said...

Yes, Cheers to oton...!!
I miss all the BBq parties he always organize at Luyang.
I miss going to the island with him as the "cooler box" guy.

imanobody0 said...

hehe..i bet ramai juga cakap dia mcm vin he loved that! ehehe

Joyce said...

yep...he also mentioned that some of his girl-friends at pubs/discos calls him Vien as in vien diesel. hehe..

and my neighbour & the guy at "sasau kaifan terbaik" at Luyang calls him Ronaldo.


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