Sunday, January 22, 2006

One of those drinking sessions

We had another drinking session, but now at Junior's place. This is where when we decided to make the whole calender full with activities. Spending quality times with the other family members. Clubbings, travelling to Genting and Labuan, water rafting, mountain climbing and kaamatan sports just with the families.

I hope all the plans are successful bukan NATO (No Action Talk Only)... next event Clubbing at Shenanigans celebrating...who else, the one & only mine @ Osso's Birthday ;).


Ibi, Elisa n Gitik

Vera n Me...mmm beer never taste so good.

Dunno what everybody looking at...

Ibi talking to Ella bout something, but Ella busy taking photo of herself.

Vivi, rumah paling dekat but paling lambat datang

JJ, me n didi. Cencalok+pickled onion is so explodingly sedap...!!

1am, still Elisa manage to smile.

guess siapa punya parut buncit...

daddy rancak already bercerita...

group picture...

Preggies... ;)

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