Monday, January 09, 2006

TCT 2nd Annual Dinner

Last saturday was my company's annual dinner held at Hyatt. Ngam-ngam on that day i received one sms from digi that since its my birthday this month, Digi birthday rewards giving me a Lancome MakeOver worth RM100 for free....whee!!! How coincidence trus i go Wawasan Plaza for an appointment, I did go to first NgiuKee but the sales lady is old not young n her makeup looks... i dunno how to say it..looks "pale" to me.

Before Makeover

After MakeOver... not that impresive coz i wanted a heavy makeup... this one looks light to me... nasib free.

so i put some touch-up on my eye shadow so my eyes looks bigger...My theme for tonite is "Bollywood"
right pic : This is Susia from my dept. a mother of 4, masih lagi sexy...whoohooo!!

the ushers... Noami(HR), Me, Mariana(Admin), Santi(Admin), Dorina(purchasing), Anna(Acc)

reception table...Tracy, Lydia n Evelyn

My good friend Tressy, used to be my colleague back when we're still working in Milimewa. My drinking n smoking buddy. Oton refer her as "Kawan kau yang kici susu" hihi...
She's here because her boyfriend got a contract doing electrician for my company.

Sam n Marty from the account dept.

Evelyn n Susia...from my IT Dept.

Anna n Jusehi...also from account dept


me Leslie n Sam...sitting on the same table..

Richerd n Anna both from account dept...also same table with me, that is table no.9

some pictures i took in the pantry...

the choirs are ready in the pantry room to surung the cake

"Happy birthday to you..." 3 of our directors celebrating they birthday this January.

Certificate received for working with the company for more than 1 year...

The IT department....marty(kacau daun) far left is from acc.

This is Jenny who i stayed with, when i was working outstation in Kuching. She yang bawa me jalan-jalan and discover the feng tau clubs in Kuching.


Ipha said...

LOL kici susu. Your late brother has a good sense of humour :D

Joyce said...

yeah oton is really a funny guy...;)

annie said...

Hi, are you related to Janet Cyrill? I forgot her surname, tapi muka kamu ada iras2 bah. She was my senior in UKM Bangi back in 1990s.

Joyce said...

erm...i dunno any Janet Cyrill. sorry..


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