Monday, January 30, 2006

CNY open house at Gerry's

This year Gerry's family had their open house for chinese new year...Gong Xi, Gong Xi.. I love sasatung..!!!

Eyonn & Ella one of the earliest guest...gotta love Ella's new sunnies.

Gerry's eldest sister Janet with her son Alan..

more guest arriving..

mmmm foooodd..!!!

Gerry's nieces..

Kids excited nampak sasatung..

Gong xi fatt choy from Gerry's mom


Anonymous said...

I could cry just looking at the buffet table. Man! those food, ada ladakah sama bambangan?lol


Anonymous said...

yaaa... my new sunnies and best thing is - it's not malatup expensive! hee hee...

super eela.

Desmond said...

Hi, I am glad I found this blog - shows all the fun I miss in Sabah :) Carry on the fun times... will add u to my list of blogs :)

berring said...

wat is sasatung>??

Joyce said...

sasatung is the Lion dance...that's what we called it since childhood..

berring said...

hahaha!!! and we called it tung-tung-chang!! =) sweet!


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