Tuesday, January 24, 2006

An Evening with Chef Alen for Senoritas

A nite to remember thanks to our host Eyonn and Chef Alen. Dinner held at T'Villa, Tuavon. Fabulous dinner and everybody dressed-up so nicely.

Our host Eyonn @ Be-YON-ce..

Table set-up, with our sangria drinks

Table set-up specially for me...

left pic : the menu, with Hubbs Hubalicious
right pic : me dressed-up as a gypsy senorita. "Let me look into the bowl....mmm yess.... future tells me that im gonna win the jackpot soon..."

left pic : lut curi makan...
right pic : Vava Voom Vivi

in the kitchen, Chef Alen & Grace busy preparing our food

Waiting for dinner to start...

our appetizer, Gambas Borachas..
"Prawn smothered in white wine and brandy sauce"

Pimienta roja asada y setas del portobello
"Roasted red pepper and Portobello Mushrooms"

Didi n Yvonne with the appertizers..

Killa Ella & Oh-Oh osso

paso doble..?? or but it takes two to tango. but can also do belly dancing ;)
Didi n hubbs kacau daun d belakang..

the senoritas..

Di-di Divine...

Hubbs Hubbalicious

Ensalada : Our Salad

Left pic : Killa Ella..
right Pic : Entrada, Entrance, yummy main course

Postre : Dessert..

Semua sudah full, Lut tolong kasih habis my dessert...

Killa Ella...

Grace introducing Lola to everybody...

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Lynn said...

dammit i wish i was there!!!! everything looks sooooo sadap...(sorree for the miscommunication eyonne..so sweet of you.. ;)..)


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