Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Baby #2 Wish List - COMPLETE!!!!

Yay..!!! My baby #2 wishlist is complete...!!!
I'm 39weeks already...7 more days to go...and I think I'm ready already...bah baby kau bulih kluar sudah... ;)

#1. Bengkung/Girdle - Bidou FitPlus Postnatal Shaper
I bought this of at TheBabyLoft, I was buying a few items from here when I saw this at the Buy 1 free 1 section...saya pun trus grab lah... hopefully, no more perut buncits!!!

Bidou FitPlus

Bidou AirPlus

#2. Electric Breastpump - Ameda Lactaline Dual Breastpump
Hubby bought me this for my Christmas present :)

Ameda Lactaline
#3. Nursing Tops
I bought some tops that resemble like a nursing top which have an inner mock the picture below...banyak bah sana servay or kawaii or vunfa ...!!!

#4. My best Friend Nursing Support Pillow
Luckily after I post up my Baby #2 wishlist entry, someone offered me her MBF pillow in excellent used condition, for a good price...Thanks Wy

#5.Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) and Ring Sling
I'm such a babywearer freak...I gotta try dua-dua sudah sia beli ;)

Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) - LittlePods Softpack Carrier (Zen)
MyBBStore having a year end sale that time, so I got this 10% off...

LittlePods SSC (Zen)

Ring Sling - Comfey Joey Ring Sling (Spun Sugar)
After Farrah put up an entry wearing a newborn in ringsling and wearing her baby Emir in Comfey Joey Hunur.
I'm like...OMG!!! I WANT!!!, ngam-ngam lagi Comfey Joey got a clearance sale on her ring slings....trus apa lagi "Add to cart"...

Comfey Joey Ring Sling - Spun Sugar

#6.Baby Bouncer/Rocker -
Fisher-Price: Newborn To Toddler Rocker
My hubby just bought me this today....

We went for a last minute shopping and I saw CT Department selling it at reasonable price...I ask the store assistant to put the box closer to me so konon I can check it out lah (maka lama sudah I've been eyeing on this)...then, I wait for the question that I'm hoping for hubby to ask...
"kau mau ni?" ...
dengan muka yang relax...tapi hati lumpat-lumpat "YA..."

#7.Girl print CDs
Bought sooo many at DiaperSwappers's FSOT.... this will be in another entry ;)

#8.Changing Table
I just found out that, Gaga's old playpen have diaper changing, i just use that one lah...

YAY!!! Mission Completion...!!!


Lizeewong said...

I'M SO GREEN WITH ENVY!! SOOOOO many cool stuff for the baby..and that baby rocker will sure come in handy. Maybe baby gaga yg rasmi dulu tu hehehe...just like my boy rasmi his sister's baby capsule :)

Joyce said...

Jangan jeles ya Lizee, palan-palan bah kumpul...:)

chegu carol said...

Aduii bah...punya siok juga ni mau shopping barang utk anak. Macam2 owh!...

Aunty J said...

Wahh siok u bot the rocker odi...I'm also eyeing it and Little Me cam ada offer..brapa CT Dpt jual now? Tp sia takut si Ethan yg p conquer hehehe...

~kar~ said...

Uinah, bulih beranak sudah... complete bah... tapi, nda puas hati aku kau nda call aku masa kau di bawah khemah di Donggongon tu hari! :p

Joyce said...

chegu - yes macam-macam ni skarang, bulih bankrupt!!!

JoyceT - macam naik sudah harga sana Little Me tu, CNY promo pun RM359...sana CT, I bought the last one at RM319.90 :)

Kar - kalau bulih, skarang pun bulih beranak...tapi belum lagi ni...!! Kar, sia takut kalau ada girly prints yang kiut-kiut...bergaduh pula kita sana bawah khemah, nanti semua tu oms-oms ketawa tinguk mama bergaduh...hahaha!!

オテモヤン said...


~kar~ said...

Joyce, hahaha... matey la jugak bah bergaduh pasal cover kan? Hehehe, tiapa, mesti saya back out juga tu.. kasi chance sama kau... jangan kau lupa SMS or at least kestau la yang kau sudah beranak aaa... nda sabar saya mau tinguk baby kau pakai itu diapers yang kau borong di diaper swappers! :p

Clll said...

Can I have your review on the postnatal shaper? thought of getting one, but not sure how to choose the size and wonder if it really work.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

it's so fun to upgrade as a mother again kan? So many wish list and got chances to try so many mothers and baby things in the market... really syiok ya... Anyway, congrate on your new bundle of joy even it's already 2 months ago... hehe...


Leona said...

hi can you tell me the bidou airplus/fitplus which one is better and does it work?


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