Monday, November 23, 2009

Baby #2 Wishlist

I should be doing this loooong time ago when Farrah tagged me on her baby #2 wishlist, but I thought last time I'm not pregnant on No.2 yet, so now I do lah...since I'm already preggy kan ;) Tapi kan, Farrah's wishlist macam best kebanyakan yang dia list, sia pun mau hihiihi...

This wishlist is mostly what I want, it is not importantly needed...but getting it would make me and baby no.2 life more easier ;)

#1. Bengkung/Girdle

Well, I regreted that I did'nt wear any bengkung on my 1st bulging tummy looks terrible... exactly like the belly bandit "before" picture...after my first delivery...soooo bida!!

I also read, wearing a bengkung is not just for kempis is also support your back and ease the backpain while breastfeeding. My back used to hurt a lot while breastfeeding because of the strain and positioning, so I prefer BFing laying down that sitting-up...oh my back!!!

I would love getting a good bengkung like Belly Bandit or Bengkung moden, but punyalah mahal!! Tapi for perut and my back sake...i should be getting one of these or just a slightly murah punya bengkung yang still works the same.

Belly Bandit and Bengkung Moden

#2. Electric Breastpump

I have a manual breastpump that was a hand-me-down from my sister. I was OK with a manual breatpumping, saya lagi yang SAHM, but with an active toddler and baby no#2...i think I should be getting the electric one with double my time and no more sore hands!!!
I was eyeing the Ameda Lactaline or the Medela freestyle, but again...very the expensive!! Kasih lah saya strike jackpot ni kali...PLEASE!!!

Ameda Lactaline

Medela Freestyle

#3. Nursing Top
Remember when i blogged about just wearing a tube top under a regular shirt just enough for me. It's fine by me, until I saw one of my friend using a nursing top and breastfed her baby... she looked so effortless and the baby was so comfortable...I was like, wow!!! I have to get one of those nursing tops. I don't have to slide my shirt from the bottom all the way to the breast, because nursing tops have special secret layer, so the baby can easily access the nursing openings...

secret front layer...picture taken from Maternalove

#4. My best Friend Nursing Support Pillow
I could use a normal pillow, but this pillow looks promising....
"Helps you maintain good posture during feeding, preventing sore backs and necks"

wow!! I want ooo...!!

I saw this one mama can do hands free using this pillow juga....punya best

#5.Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) or Ring Sling
I only used sling pouch and never tried anything else..
Using SSC is great for outing or even do housework at home...and can even carry an older child in SSC.
Ring also great for newborns and...santik!! hehe

outdoor babywearing using Littlepods SSC...picture taken from Malaysian babywearers

JumpSacBaby Ring Sling carrying a newborn

#6.Baby Bouncer/Rocker
I would like to have this because of the mobility, perfect when visiting her Akung/Ina luyang or even lepak in living room, tidak lah terperap di bilik saja, plus bouncer’s calming vibrations soothe and comfort baby. I WANT!!!

Fisher-Price: Cover 'N Play Bouncer at

#7.Girl print CDs
All those delicious girly printed CDs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAARRGGGGGHHH!!!
#8.Changing Table
3 words...oh my back!!!!

Syiok juga buat ni tag ooo hehe....oh i forgot my last wish...winning the lottery ;)


Cath J said...

Wahhhh... best oh boleh main wish2 kan???

anyway hope your wish come true... ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce, I have a light blue My best Friend Nursing Support Pillow that I used only 2-3 times and is still in perfect condition. I'm actually trying to sell it off as 2nd hand item. Let me know if you're interested when the time comes. E-mail me for more info:

Joyce said...

Yes Cath J, bagus ni wish list...i recommend all the mum-to-be buat wishlist. Supaya we know what they want or what to get them...hehehe. Sia pok silap ada orang mau beli sia bah ni hahaha....

Thank Anonymous, nanti sia email kau.

Oji said...

I also want 2 win lottery, atau jackpot ka...nanti sa kasi beli ko kalu kana..hehe

farrahar said...

hihi.. i like all your wishlist :)

Fridaycat said...

I'm so amazed at the things they come up with for mums and babies these days! And cantik lagi tu. Syok juga ada baby...More reasons to shop, heh heh.

yanti said...

joyce, itu changing table very the limited choices di kk ini. i havent dapat one yet:)but u can custom made it, cari model in internet and suruh org buat. i know where is the place. the one yang u posted in your blog pun ada juga but only in Signat*re. bah, blog kalau sudah jumpa k.

chegu carol said...

bagus juga ni wish list. berguna utk mereka2 yg mo kasi ko baby shower gifts :D

Joyce said...

Ya bah Rozy, kalau tiba-tiba tu wish list semua sudah kana crossed-out...kana lah kali sia jackpot sudah tu haha.

Farrah - siok oh buat ni wishlist ;)

fridaycat - Eee best oh Mel, lepas u kahwin trus process bikin babies ah..hehe

Yanti - oh ya kan!!! never think oh that pula...where lah mau bikin?

Chegu - berguna kan!!!!?? Tapi mahal-mahal semua yang sia wish ni gila eh..

Lynn said...

The belly bandit worked wonders for me after my 2nd. Also, here is a really pretty ring sling:

Joyce said...

Wow!!! Thanks Lynn!!!

yanti said...

joyce, the place is call Luxucom, di karamunsing, belakang-belakang tu tempatnya, dekat dengan office furniture. tingkat 2 maybe. the quality is also good. you can also order ikea things from there if you berminat. tapi lama sikit baru sampai and they will charge you 20% more. u bring the design and ask for quotation. it's better to get a changing table with drawer. so u can put the baby stuff space and u can use it until the baby besar. just a suggestion, though:)


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