Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tip Of Borneo, Tanjung Simpang Mengayau

Last friday i took half day emergency leave. Coz Lut, Didi & her friend Adam visiting from Adelaide wanna go jalan-jalan to the Tip of Borneo. Then me gatal hati mau ikut.. ;)

Took us 3 and a half freaking hours to get there, but it was worth it. Gotta love the clean & untouched beach. Sea was crystal clear...

Welcome to the Tip of Borneo...!!!


Taking a piss...hihihi!!!

Adam & Didi

left pic : Watch out Adam...!!!
right pic : lut balancing...very slippy here.

left pic : merenung jauh...
right pic : Lut & me...*they pick me up straight from the office ...thats why im wearing a skirt.

Finally were here...

silly pose...

Then after that, we singgah the Rungus Longhouse

Adam & the rungus longhouse

in the longhouse, this longhouse can occupy 11 families...

checking out the guest book..

You know the round thing that looks like a fish trap. and we thought that was kinda big for a fish trap. Then we ask the longhouse keeper, he said it is called "Bubu Adat". When a person commits an adultery, that person was to put in that "bubu" and then they will throw him/her in the river...

The longhouse, this one also we thought it was a lookout. But its a place where when there's a talented girl among the family like she can sew very well, then they will keep the girl there for a show. She's gonna be up there until when someone gonna marry her.

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mel said...

scary juga tu bubu adat tu! and that cage/prison thing, mcm rapunzel lah tu kan... hehe.


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