Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Eyonn's Surgery

Eyonn first tought it was just a back pain until she cannot tahan & did a check-up. They found out that she had a growth on her spinal cord. Thank God its not cancerous because our family background memang ada history of cancer.

The Neuro sergeon took about 5 hours on the operation. They took out a bit in each 5 rows of her lumbar spine to get into the growth...they said the thing is approximately 10cm or less. Looks like jelly & very vascular.

Didi said the Doctor did a great job. I agreed with her..

This is how Eyonn's back looked like, 1 week after surgery. 35 stapples....They didnt stiched her up. Weird kan...coz we biasa tanya "Berapalah kena jahit..?"...."erm 35 besi kokot..??"

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