Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Wedding Reception

Then they have a joined wedding reception at KDCA on sunday....

Wedding Reception at KDCA

1st dance

Uncle Freddy Lajanty our neigbour, Marina(Abang Inu's wife), Abang Inu and Uncle Freddy's wife she is also Marina's sister. See everyone is related...& girl(inu's 2nd daughter) who malu-malu to look at the camera.

Josie with Jimonon & Doreen(Alex eldest sister) with her son Farzan

Jimonon & cute!!! Ibi said he look like Mike Tyson.. ;)

Love birds. Rachel & Boy Unan

Atama is in d house y'all..!!!

Do the sumazau like you just dont care..!!

Jimonon tired..

Trevor, Jolene and Girl Inu..(nephew & nieces)

My cousin Gitom(Jolene&Mimi's mom), Jovita(Gitom's sister), Jolene, Mimi & Charles@boy's girlfriend.

Me & Didi

Everyone is dancing

They look so happy together..!!

didi KD(kacau daun..)

Abang Sowitoi (Alex Dad), my daddy with his pancing friends

Left pic : Lut & Me
Right Pic : Mimie, Josie & carl

Octavia's mom dancing with Alex's Dad

Lut & Alex...Alex made all his friend shaved their mustache including Lut.

Kiss to my lovely wife...

too much drinking, Octavia can feel her face is blushing...but they still half way on toasting with everyone who came.

Introducing Mimie my cousin. my mom's youngest bro's daughter. Stayed with us 2weeks already for school holidays. She looks like Didi kan..!!

Carl and Gerry

Singing "You look wonderful tonite" together.

Then we continue partying at Alex's place untill mindnight.

Party continues at Alex's Place

Guys...Group picture all guys of Alex's friends with the newlyweds

But then the girls juga mau ikut ambil gambar..

party all day long till midnight

Video taken during group photo at Alex's

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