Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dinner at Prego, Westin Kuala Lumpur

Few hours after Eyonn kena discharge from hospital trus pigi shopping bah...but she use wheel chairlah... coz kaki masih tidak begitu kuat...

Nextday we wanna celebrate yang the surgery is succesfull. So we planning pi dinner di Prego and invited my niece Pet(Marilyn Siambun) who also working in KL. Trus exited mau beli new baju to wear on that night.

Eyonn 1 day after kena discharge from Hospital. Maka before the surgery she hardly can't walk.

Ella pula yang penat pigang beg.

Prego, Westin KL

Eyonn & me, *wine glass 1

Didi & Pet, *wine glass 2

Ella & Didi, *wine glass 3

Eyonn, *wine glass 4

Pet's boyfriend Sean & Eyonn, *small wine glass 5

Me after finished my yogurt ice cream desert, *wine glass 6. Kenapa mesti ada wine glass tu ah..?? nampak classy mangkali...


Heidi Labadin said...

Hi Joyce..I like your necklace la.

Joyce said...

yeah i like it too...bought it at midvalley on that day for rm35 only ;)


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