Monday, November 14, 2005

4 funerals and a wedding

Macam the movie title but kami punya opposite.

It's my nephew's wedding Alexander Chuan with Octavia Willibroad (ngam ka the spelling?)

The Church Wedding

It was raining on saturday morning... punya syok mau tidur.

Kami ada lambat sikit, but we didnt miss anything coz there were 3 couples getting married at St.Michaels church.... punya jamming, sampai kami park di luar jalan raya bawah bukit... me didi & lut have to share a small umbrella.

The newlyweds Alex & Octavia

from top: Shanon, farah, Elisa & Natasha. My grand-niece? kalau betul-betul they all call me nenek(grandma title). Eeeekkk...!!!

My niece Jolene : her blog

What's wrong with your eyelashes farah?

coming out from the church

Lut & Buntat...

to be continued....

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