Saturday, February 02, 2008

Current Addiction

Jalan-jalan at center point before balik...Gerry asked me..

Gerry : Ada apa-apa kau mau beli?
Me : Ada...(long pause)....cloth diaper
Gerry : Di mana mau beli tu?
Me : Sana rumah Sandra.

That's how obsessed I am with this modern cloth diaper (CD). Belum lagi beranak sudah sya addicted with this CD. 24hrs daydreaming about this CD saja kerja saya. Even shopping for baju or shoes does not excites me anymore...Every morning, 1st thing i do is to log on to the internet & surf MiaBambina online store, after balik kerja pun trus click Miabambina. Just to see those cute CD.

I first learned about this amazing & cute diaper from Farrah's blog about cloth diapering. The prints are so irresistibly cute, re-usable, can save a lot from using the disposable diaper.

I have 3.5dozens of kain lampins from my Sis-in-law Joyce(Uloi), my MIL brought it back all the way from US, since Uloi didnt use much of it, and I thought..."If I use this modern CD, sayanglah the lampins..." then sya baca lagi Farrah's blog on CDing a newborn using the most basic cloth diapering system, i.e. the traditional lampin, prefold, nappy liners and diaper covers.

pics from farrah's blog

Yes, this is it....!!!!!!

Thanks to my good friend Lelen who help me sew 10 of the lampins into prefold...and I already bought the nappy liners. Now i only need to buy those diaper covers & snappi (since its more safe than the pin) ...

But what about nite time? I know lampins cannot tahan overnite, so maybe i use pocket diaper for malam. Then, Farah recommended me to MiaBambina on-line store owned by Sandra a mother of 2 who stays at Damai. There are so many choices for night diapering, from pocket diaper to fitted diaper... I was still blur-blur at this time... all those micro something something, balik-balik sya tanya Sandra.

The next day, after I paid a visit to Sandra's place, my sisters Josie&Didi bought me 2 Drybees pocket diaper with 2 Gad Hemp+2 microfiber(for nite diapering) and Huggalugs for my birthday pressies...i'm like the happiest person on earth...I was talking to Josie about the CD a week before...I think thats how she knows about it...tidak pula ter-cross my mind that she would buy it..hehe.

So, for one week i did some more research & read forums & read all the mama's blog who use CD. Then visit lagi tempat Sandra. So this is my 1st batch lah... I bought 6 wahmies wipes (for "8"tat), 2 cover diapers (1 small freshbots, 1 small Bummis), 3 more microfiber insert, and a set of 2 Snappi.
But i still need 1-2 more cover diapers, I wanna try the Thirsties brand, but no more small size, have to wait after CNY untill she re-stock the S size.
Now, I was thinking of trying the fitted diapers lagi...and the baby sling and the pail liners and the wetbags is so tempting oh mau beli...
eee so syiok oh, can't wait for my baby, mau kasih try all this...I'm so exited!!!!

1st batch of CD


denna said...

Hi Jocye,

I understand your i have to tahan tahan my addiction as the baby is not here far i have 11 CD already-include cover as well and eyeing few..check my blog at http://mychildrenjournal.will blogroll you to keep me updated on your collection..ya, you will learn more from blogs- like farra,sharine,christine even miranda nad sandra, all of thier link is in my blog..HAPPY are you due??? me on the 28th feb..

Joyce said...

Gila oh kan this addiction, I love the CD so much, sampai I wanna buy new washing machine just for the CD, walaupun ada sudah washing mashine...haha. I already ordered online 2 fitted diaper for newborn lagi semalam... I'm due middle of March.

denna said...

op..what you order? to save shipping, study what you want and order from my friend di us..she has 4 dozens now..hahaha i am in the process of buying lagi me i 'll give you one website yang banyak print..i love prints.

ethel said...

lol you remind me of deana. dia pun gila CD tu. lol!

pu said...

congrats on the coming boy. he will be a handful but will b worth it. i have not been cding but have recently bought one frm miabambina. they are super cute though.


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