Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh no my diaper bag!!

My diaper bag I bought from Sandra 8months ago right after beranak, the tangkai sudah putus!!! . ..if wanna jahit the tangkai pun cannot...tidak bulih save sudah, hubby said kalau mau pun, ganti the whole tangkai, I sungguh sedih... :(

For the time being, I just use this sling bag that I bought at Manila for 150peso, to kasih temporary ganti my diaper bag. Cantik kan this sling bag, menyesal sia beli 1 saja, i should've bought 3 ka...isshk.

So, I was actually looking for a backpack for a diaper bag, since forever...!!! Backpack for diaper bag is so much easier when travelling...I want a backpack yang got girlish sikit, not yang macam school bag tu....then terjumpa juga, when I was not actually looking for a bag that day...selalu begitu oh, bila mau cari tu barang ...tiada, kalau tidak cari...sana depan mata.

I got this backpack at warisan square for half price, only RM19.95!!! woo 3 colors but I guess black goes with everything kan...but I also want the brown!!! Nantilah sia pi beli lagi...lagipun only rm20.


Mama Mia said...

nice backpack...:)

Jasica said...

Hi Joyce, Jasica ni, my SIL is si Joyce @ Aunty J.
Been stalking your blog..hehehe..
just let u sale item on gin&jacqie diaper bags...
click here:

hurry b4 habis..i just bought 2 diaper bags shipping lagi tu...


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