Monday, July 21, 2008

CD workshop

I was at the CD workshop organized by Sandra last saturday. I learned a few tips from other CD mommas on diaper rash. Sandra made it informative & orderly & of course interesting. I got really excited + nervous when she mentioned got pop-quiz on cloth diapers... hehehe. Apalagi when she bilang ada prize, sikit lagi sia mau tiru jawapan si Dena...

Right after the workshop session finished, nah semua trus masuk bilik Sandra pigi tinguk CDs & wipes...hahaha. Sia masih di meja sibuk makan cuppies si Dena, I took the biggest "tamaha"... eeee sedap ooo!!!

CD mommas Aunty J, Osindak, Dena and osso79 ;)

mengahayati Drybees CD while Sandra preparing invoice for Susan

Aunty J pilih wipes while Dena deciding on which MPB fitted mau beli...hehe


Deana E said...

alamak..this photo 'revealing' betul..hahaha

Joan D'Arcy said...

phewitt! hahaha!!!

Ko ambil cuppies yang besar? hehehe.. I heard ko manang dalam pop quiz... Congrats!

Aunty J said...

haha Deana not revealing but SEXY!! Hot mama ba ;p

Joyce said...

Ya mama bah!!!

Ya sia ambil cuppies yang paling besar!!! hehe. & sia manang sabun juga hihihi...

Sandra@miabambina said...

alo thanks you all who posted about the workshop!
and thanks so much for attending
and alaaaa i made invoice also kena foto, should tell me first at least "try" to look better ( TRY only but result in still unknown! )


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