Saturday, April 30, 2005

New TV Cabinet woo hoo....

I Came home from work last nite and my parents bought a really cool TV cabinet. They wanted to wait for me this saturday to select which one i like, but i think they have a pretty good taste. sister Josie is 37 weeks pregnant.Its a baby boy.."Payypeee!!". So the expected date is on the 16th two weeks time. I hope im here at KK by that time...
Josie & Carl still figuring out what's gonna name their baby. At 1st, Carl wanted a greek name, because konon the baby kena buat masa dorang holiday at Greece last year.
So Carl wanted "Homerus" pronounce "Omerus". Homerus is one of the greek God & name after a famous writer in Greece.
Hihihi... I KNOW... kalau jadi nickname kena panggil "Om" hahahaha....
Alfie said bagus lagi tu nama "Paulus"....hehehe
So we all advice them not to use that name. We pity the baby nanti in the future, I guarantee you he's gonna cry everyday from school bulied by his friends who called him "OM", but what can he do...its his name.
Carl did mention "Malcus", nice name jugakan...Malcus Moosom.
This is pics of Josie 37 weeks pregnant..

Damn my boss wants me to go to Kuching next week. He better pay my allowances... I really dont wanna miss the moment. I think i'll manage to finish my work there before the 11th...

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