Monday, September 12, 2005

Wedding Planners

OK, 1st of all...NOT ME aaah...!!

As soon as the news spread so fast, so fast like 1sec we already knew who won the lottery...
We (Eela, Eon, Didi, vivi,Isa,Josie) the Siambun cousins is planning a wedding for Mary@Kakak Ili@ Vivi's Eldest sister. Wheee... !!!

Macam kami pula excited on the wedding plans than kakak Ili herself...

Sunset Garden Wedding
Date : 15/10/2005
Place : Hibiscus, Pacific Sutera
Theme colour : Turqoise
Guest List : Siambun's & Lohindun's Family & Hubbs

I imagine the wedding would be so magical...& all of us cousins look very pretty...hihihi!!! Like macam dalam fantasy saja...

U guys should see Kakak Ili's engangement ring. GORGEOUS!! I heard them say, Jimmy the fiance flew to Europe bought the ring there. Then flew to KK and propose to Kakak Ili...Isnt it romantic...!!!!

oh and Congratulation to Collyn the new mom & Lynn the new auntie... Collyn gave birth to a healthy baby boy Thomas James Slade last friday 09 September 2005.


Mel said...

jangan seja 'cushion cut diamond' coz mcm mau menangis dengar crita org dpt diamond cut gitu. wat more yg fiance pi jauh2 mencari...gila respect la. heee...i like the garden wedding idea. i'd like one too someday.

melody said...

are you kidding me? kakak illi kahwin?!! wow! congrats lah bilang. can kah i crash the wedding? aisey, bagus kalau saya di kk that time... heh

my cousin also gave birth to a baby boy, but on saturday. i'll tell her not to pick the name thomas james. manalah tau masuk school sama, bingung org nanti haha.


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