Friday, January 26, 2007

2 days b4 wedding - Church Rehearsal

Lut the groomsman, vivi one of the bridesmaid & didi the maid of honour
Lynn & Grace belum sampai KK..

my 2 little flowergirls Ai-Ai & Sasha, from gerry's side

my 2 other flowergirls Esther & Yvonne, from my side

Lut & cute little cousin Arnold the ring bearer
Josie to make sure all the children jalan in order...

practice bridal procession..

shakehands sana sini...sampai ber"crossing" tangan kami semua..

practice the Rite of Marriage...

baru practice pun nervous sudah...

and of course after the rehearsal, its the Stag's & Hen's nite ;)

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