Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Grand Wedding Invitation

Ratna is one of Didi's close friend from high school. They called themselves JUIMTARAVE which means JUdy, Imelda, Michelle, TAyana, RAtna and VElerie + Eng anak bulan. All Didi's friend is the family friend, because everyday time secondary they always hang out at our house at Luyang after school. Like our house tempat meeting centre dorang, discussions, projects & rehearsals semua buat di Luyang. I love hanging out with Didi's group & friends, coz they're funny & happening konon...hehe.

I received a wedding invitation from Ratna & Rizal, the invitation card was so grand, I guess it cost them a bomb just for the invitation cards, apalagi the reception itself.

Its a 4-day wedding...but we we're invited 3, and we were able only to attend 2...The friday dinner reception at Sutera & The beach party at Rasa Ria... Im actually excited to attend this 1st class wedding, even Didi & Josie been asking me what to wear on the special occasion.

Didi told me the beach party's drinks worth RM10,000 free duty alchohol...ancurrrr!!! Sia tukang ambil gambar orang mabuk saja lah ni...kuang kuang kuang. Tapun lah satu glass wine.

the envelope...the card was personally delivered to us, tapi Lut yang terima on behalf

another envelope?

baru the invitation cards..

three invitation card + 1 card, for more information visit their website

the logo

They even have a website for it.. Visit Rizal and Ratna


Baizurah said...

Joyce sia dengar ko pun extend. Betul ka? waaaaaa ramainya org extend... mcm tgl tujuh org ja ikut kelas lepas tu kan si uncle balik balik call sia tp sia tia angkat.

Joyce said...

Tidak, sia tidak extend. I thought Ann pun extend, tapi after the 4th week she continue juga. Kalau tidak, saya saturang saja perempuan...


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