Saturday, January 19, 2008

"Tu batang dia...!!"

That's what my gynae Dr. said when he confirmed us the baby's gender.

Yep, its a boy. Now back to square one, since kami cari nama perempuan saja all this while... and of course my mom-in-law is the happiest person to hear the good news... ;-) hehe..

Punya susah cari nama lelaki..!!! I've been to so many baby names websites...tiada yang ngam. If betul-betul cannot cari ni...kasih taruh Gerry Jnr sajalah, paling senang..


Anonymous said...

yippeee...i have a new nephew soon! Congrats...sure kau pening with Gerry's selections of footballer's name kan, hehehe. bah, whatever it is, sure santikkk tu name. We are so happy for both of you.

Tim, Uloi & Juju

kuireena said...

Welkam to motherhood!!
When is ur EDD?
Bah gud luck aaa..
jgn lupa kasi practise breathing technique. Biar kasi senang push.. hehe

-bibi hazrina-


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