Wednesday, January 07, 2009

E.L.F is a USA brand cosmetic, a pretty ok quality product that only cost USD1.00...very very affordable.
Luckily I found out there is someone running sprees from USA cosmetic & apparel websites for Malaysian ladies.
sgDrugstore a.k.a Ryan held an E.L.F spree early December and I had a chance to buy a few E.L.F products, although he charged RM8 instead of USD1.00 it is still reasonable for me, because that includes international shipping charges & taxes.

So I bought a few fafinettex3 top recommendation of E.L.Fs

special bubble wraps so my makeup wont shatter...

I only bought 4 items, Eyeshadow brush, blending brush, tone correcting concealer and Healthy glow bronzing powder(luminance)

I gotta say, i'm pretty impressed with these brushes, way way better than Elianto brushes...
I tried making smokey eyes effortlessly using the blending brush...

Tone correcting concealer was ok, the downside is that it smelled like ubat, like the Dharmol panadol syrup...urgh!!
and the
Healthy glow bronzing powder(luminance), I read that everyone loves this product, it claimed that your face will actually glow kah kunun if pakai ni na...I tried and yes, memang butul!!! I think i'm getting more of luminance on my next e.l.f purchase...Uloi bila ko balik KK..!!!!??? hehehehe

So yeah that's it, Ryan is very reliable seller, you can read a review of here
and, oh..the ongoing sprees now is.... [20% off on All GNC Products!!!] [25% off Storewide till Jan 8]

Jadi apalagi..!!! before its too late..!!
I want MAC!!!
Sia mo gila ni skarang...!!!


Kadus_Mama said...

alalallalaaa os!!! sabar ko..!! nanti sia pun teikut ko mau bili barang nie..

Joyce said...

ikut..!!! jangan tidak ikut..hehehe

Mimi said...

OS!!! THANK YOU!!!! I'm off to NOW!!! hehhehehehe

Bonnie said... really into make up right perhaps I will see your pretty make up tomorrow at Sandra's? :)

Deana E said...

hahaha masih make up..bagus ko procese 2nd baby joyce..hehe

Joyce said...

Ya Bonnie, still crazy about makeup & Edward Cullen...i have to include him juga bah kan hahaha...ya see u then.

Dena, ya sia pun mau baby ni, especially baby girl...;)

Cath J said...

Woww..more products... ;)

Dora A-Erb said...

Odoi Joyce... tujuh bulan already si Gaga? My, my... punyalah cepat. Handsome bah cousin sia punya anak ni ... hehe.

Joyce said...

10 bulan bah Dora..ya capat oh. Tidak sedar. Thanks ya ;)


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