Monday, February 02, 2009

CNY 2009

Its the year of the Ox, and I have a good feeling $$$prosperity$$ is on our side this year... Baby Gaga's 1st cny, he collected angpows more than I got angpows in my whole life...seriously!!!

CNY eve family gathering at Gerry's aunty...

Angpow from Uncle Oyok..

and from Uncle Julius ;)

With cousin Rachel and his angpow

On the 2nd day of CNY we hosted a CNY party for family & friends..

Daim gantung sayur for sasatung

Baby Gaga & cousin Allen...brotherly love. Hehe

model tuala..

All red and ready for the party...

he's excited

friends & families

sasatung sudah sampai..

kids are not afraid of the sasatung anymore....kasian kana pukul

his first sasatung aka tung tung chang

close encounter with the lions..

very very long angpow queue

orang tua pun mo ikut baris...Ben kau pun pungut angpow ka that?

My SIL Jennifer is the only person who can control the kids, so she's our official angpow lady for every consecutive year...hehe

happy kids with angpows :)


Bonnie said...

Very happening CNY for you guys.. And lucky gaga dapat byk ang pao! Hehe.gong xi fa cai..

Jessica said...

Happy CNY to u guys...wah, punya lumayan baby gaga punya ang pau...n happy belated birthday 2 u too....

Dora A-Erb said...

Eh... kalau macam ni, bagus I balik CNY next year so that I can "queue up" with the kids for my angpow....LOL. Kau tau Joyce, those days, we used to look forward to Uda Jot (your father in-law) CNY's party every year cos ada makan sedap and ada sasatung...LOL.

Joyce said...

Bonnie & Jess : Ya bah, punya banyak angpow dia...gila eh.

Bah Dora...balik, jangan tidak balik..hehe

木須炒餅Jerry said...



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