Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Leg warmers

I should change this labels to "poket bocor" instead of "online shopping".
As promised here's some of my splurge during my confinement...bahaya juga ni confinement, even though duduk dalam bilik masih bulih shopping.

My little Gemm won't get chilly anymore after this, I bought a dozen of leg warmers and some socks lagi...cannot tahan, too cute!!! Thank goodness there's a lots of made in china/japan leg warmers sudah. Maka 2 years ago, I only can find Babylegs yang harga RM50++ a pair gila!!

lots and lots cute leg warmers and cute shoe socks from Little Clothes
can you see that I love polkadots!!!

a couple of leg warmers, socks and training pants while MymonsterBB having a sale

and finally a girly print CD, My Precious Baby By April fitted diaper...MPBBA is famous for its soft velour...from Tiny Tapir

now I need to go jahit my poket...


Cath J said...

hahahhaha... selagi tu bank penuh....nda berenti tu hihihi....

wahhh so cute the socks yg mcm ada kasut tu....eeeeeeeeeeeee..... kiuttttttttt!!

Joyce said...

Kiut kan Cath J, nah apalagi..!!! siok kama ada baby girl :)

Aunty J said...

Hahahaha...sia pun oh..time confinement nie sempat lagi sia online shopping..now waiting for 2 parcels in my mailbox ;p Parampuan...parampuan la jua kan..gila shopping! And after my confinement, sia mau mansau p shopping di Metro next Friday!! Uda sia kasi warning hubby awal2 lagi ...let aunty confinement jaga bb Eli b4 she goes back coz I'll be confined to the hse after dat til i go back to work hehe..

chegu carol said...

Hahaha...sinang bogia shopping from the comfort of your own room. Tia payah susah2 mo becantik2 lagi mo keluar rumah. Hahaha

SJB said...

Cute juga oh.

Mimi said...

punya kiut tu socks yg mcm pakai flip-flops tu hehe...ada flower, butterfly & ladybird lagi... kiut sakali!

debrajill said...

oooo~ so nice o!!! love it~

farhana said...

I've been looking around for leg warmers! Thanks for the link. These are good to use when babywearing, with legs out (supaya baby's bawah lutut tak merah and sakit from fabric) :)


Joyce said...

Aunty J : Yabah, tidak lari tu mau gila shopping. Adalah u go MetroJaya? hehehe

Chegu : Dats rite!!!

SJB : Terlampau kiut!!

Lelen : Kiut kan Len...!! Kau tidak mau baby lagi? ;)

debrajill : I love it too..

farhana : Yay, glad that I could help ;)

James cuck said...

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