Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pakai anak

Direct translation of babywearing... I know it is a common sight here in KK especially penampang, mostly Donggongon & Poliklinik you see kampung-kampung mommas "sikut" their babies just using a sarung or that mesh pouch (kain lubang-lubang)/ cheap slings...
but if I jalan-jalan KK or shopping complex mostly using strollers...jaaaarang nampak mommas sikut anak di bandar kan.

Today, I want to promote babywearing and its benefits, here I just copy an article from Two Hips mom

Why Babywear?

10 reasons to Wear Your Baby

1. Wearing a baby is convenient
When we carry a baby in a sling, we can walk around freely and not have to worry about negotiating steps, crowds or narrow aisles with a stroller. Plastic "baby buckets" and removable car seats are heavy and awkward for parents, babies often look uncomfortable, and they are kept at knee level. A sling can block out excess stimuli when breastfeeding a distractible baby, and it allows for discreet nursing in public places. A sling can also double as a changing pad, blanket, or cushion when away from home. I've found my sling especially handy when negotiating busy airports with a small child and several bags!

2. Wearing a baby promotes physical development.
When a baby rides in a sling attached to his mother, he is in tune with the rhythm of her breathing, the sound of her heartbeat, and the movements his mother makes - walking, bending, and reaching. This stimulation helps him to regulate his own physical responses, and exercises his vestibular system, which controls balance. The sling is in essence a "transitional womb" for the new baby, who has not yet learned to control his bodily functions and movements. Research has shown that premature babies who are touched and held gain weight faster and are healthier than babies who are not1. Mechanical swings and other holding devices do not provide these same benefits.

3. Babies worn in slings are happier.
Studies have shown that the more babies are held, the less they cry and fuss2. In indigenous cultures where baby-wearing is the norm, babies often cry for only a few minutes a day - in contrast to Western babies, who often cry for hours each day. Crying is exhausting for both the baby and his parents, and may cause long-term damage as the baby's developing brain is continually flooded with stress hormones.3 Babies who do not need to spend their energy on crying are calmly observing and actively learning about their environment. Baby-wearing is especially useful for colicky or "high need" babies, who are far happier being worn, but placid, content babies and children will also benefit greatly from the warmth and security of being held close.

4. Baby-wearing is healthy for you!
It can be challenging for new mothers to find time to exercise, but if you carry your baby around with you most of the day or go for a brisk walk with your baby in her sling, you will enjoy the dual benefits of walking and "weightlifting". A long walk in the sling is also an excellent way to help a tired but over-stimulated child fall asleep.

5. Toddlers appreciate the security of the sling.
Slings are usually associated with infants, but they can be very useful for toddlers as well; most slings accommodate children up to 35 or 40 pounds. The world can be a scary place for toddlers, who feel more confident when they can retreat to the security of the sling when they need to do so. Toddlers often become over-stimulated, and a ride in the sling helps to soothe and comfort them before (or after!) a "meltdown" occurs. It can be very helpful in places like the zoo, aquarium, or museum, where a small child in a stroller would miss many of the exhibits.

6. Baby-wearing helps you and your baby to communicate with each other.
The more confidence we have in our parenting, the more we can relax and enjoy our children. A large part of feeling confident as a parent is the ability to read our baby's cues successfully. When we hold our baby close in a sling, we become finely attuned to his gestures and facial expressions. Many baby-wearing parents report that they have never learned to distinguish their baby's cries because their babies are able to communicate effectively without ciying! Every time a baby is able to let us know that she is hungry, bored or wet without having to cry, her trust in us is increased, her learning is enhanced, and our own confidence is reinforced. This cycle of positive interaction enhances the mutual attachment between parent and child, and makes life more enjoyable for everyone.

7. Slings are a bonding tool for fathers, grandparents, and other caregivers.
Slings are a useful tool for every adult in a baby's life. It makes me smile when I see a new father going for a walk with his baby in a sling. The baby is becoming used to his voice, heartbeat, movements and facial expressions, and the two are forging a strong attachment of their own. Fathers don't have the automatic head-start on bonding that comes with gestation, but that doesn't mean they can't make up for this once their baby is born. The same goes for babysitters, grandparents and all other caregivers. Cuddling up close in the sling is a wonderful way to get to know the baby in your life, and for the baby to get to know you!

8. Slings are a safe place for a child to be.
Instead of running loose in crowded or dangerous places, a child in a sling is held safe and secure right next to your body. Slings also provide emotional safety when needed, so that children can venture into the world and become independent at their own pace.

9. Slings are economical.
Slings cost far less than strollers, front-carriers or backpacks. Many mothers consider the sling to be one of their most useful and economical possessions. Inexpensive used slings can be found in consignment and thrift stores, and new ones can be bought for about $25 -$50 (U.S.) not bad for an item many parents use daily for two years or more!

10. Baby-wearing is fun.
Who doesn't love to cuddle a precious little baby? And when your baby is older, having her in the sling makes conversations easier and allows you to observe her reactions to the wonders of the world around her. It's also fun for baby, because when she is up at eye level, other adults notice and interact with her more. Your child will feel more a part of your life when she is in her sling, and you will find yourself becoming more and more enchanted with this special little person.

OK, let's move on the fun part..fret not modern mommas, babywearing is a cool thing...butul ni!!!

There are different types of baby carriers,

1. Pouch
"The most simple to use, fast in, fast out, sleek style with no extraneous fabric. And, they come in hip, cool, prints! Pouches are our favorite baby sling for quick in and out. They must be sized to the individual, Also, sizing is important, so most sling or pouch style carriers can't be shared amongst adults of different sizes. Some people find them uncomfortable for long wearing since they go over only one shoulder."

My first babywearing experience is using pouch, my first ever baby carrier from Karmababy Bella , I love it for a short trip...pigi bank or supermarkets. I can just pop in my baby and go...
but dulu-dulu from my 1st baby this is one and only carrier I have and know mana-mana pun saya bawa...

pigi wedding di church

pigi wedding reception di dewan yang tiada meja...

holiday trip to Manila back in 2008

birthday party Indy & Maya...I'm using a malaysian made pouch from Moleygarden

Sona's 1year old birthday party..

I can't leave without my pouches...i love em so much and still do.

Until when I got pregnant with my second baby, I was introduce different kind of babycarriers, thanks to Farrah's babywearing entries, saya pun terjangkit...

2. Ring Sling
"The ring sling has all the benefits of the baby pouch or sling style, but it's adjustable – meaning both mom and dad can wear it once they learn how to use it. The tail of the sling can be used as a cover up for nursing.."

I love the ring sling because they're beautiful, i felt so elegant wearing it..chewah!!
Last weekend I wore my Mamapatch shantung silk RS to a wedding reception and perasan diri sya cantik pakai tu ring sling lagitu...muahaha!!

My Comfy Joey Spun Sugar with 1 week old Gemma

Gemma & Thorsten Baptism. Grace using a Mamapatch Designer pocket RS

and a few more ring slings for you all to drool to...

SweetPea Ring slings

Erin... this is Willow

3. Mei tai/Asian carrier
The mei tai is basically a rectangle of fabric with four straps, two for the shoulders and two for around the waist. The straps are criss crossed and tied for security. Your child's weight is supported evenly by both shoulders and your hips. Can be used on front or back. Occasionally used for hip carry.

Very comfy.. This mei tai have a very wide body panel 15", kang kang would impossible for newborn, so I "froggy leg" her...but there are so many different mei tais with contoured body panel, you can custom made it, so it fits you and baby nicely.

4. Soft Structure Carrier (SSC)
Soft-structured baby carriers are essentially mei tai baby carriers with buckles. They use buckles, rather than wrapping or tying the carrier to your body, which can make them quicker to fasten than mei tais. It has the side effect of making them less versatile, since the straps need to be adjusted when transferring the carrier between wearers.

Littlepods SSC is perfect for little babies, it has leg padding and can adjust the bottom panel so little baby can kang-kang in this carrier...not suitable for heavy toddler, because doesn't have a waist padding.

My new Action Baby Carrier, perfect to carry a toddler...

one for kenang-kenangan :)

and last but not least...

5. Wraps

The most comfortable; The most versatile; the best support for baby; Ergonomic support for both baby and the caregiver Studies show that wraps support the spine and hips better than any other carrier – especially for newborns. Many people who have back trouble report that the wrap is the only carrier they can comfortably use for long periods.
Cons:Lots of fabric. Can get hot. Somewhat steep learning curve (most people can learn at least one tying method in 15-20 minutes of practice).

Wraps can be quite expensive....bukan lagi quite, reeeaaallly expensive. but very comfortable. Before you try to buy a real wrap, you can buy a cheap fabrics to practice to and find your most suitable's a few DIY wraps to practice before my real wrap arrive.

Front cross carry
I'm using a 5meter stretch jersey, bought at Kamdar for RM2.80/m

Front wrap cross carry
using a gorgeous fabric bought at Wah Yoon, segama

Learn how to wrap your baby here at Wrapyourbaby or you can search a lot of wrapping tutorial at youtube.

P/s If you want to know more about babywearing. You can go or even better join the Malaysian Babywearers at You can ask anything you want to know about babywearing there, so many babywearer experts that willing to help you there.

p/ss I want to promote babywearing juga, supaya kita pun boleh bikin sabah babywearers gathering ramai-ramai, indak lah bah siok 2-3 orang saja kan...;)

Happy Babywearing mommas and daddies or nannies ;)


Deana E said...

great informations,alamak...bikin kasih pokai saya nie joyce if i want to buy all..i have pouch saja now, thought of adding the ring sling but have not decided yet and nampai pula that mei tai macam ok...aiyo.

Joyce said...

yes, ini bikin pokai ni, more addictive & expensive dari CDs...

but its is more convenient & for baby bonding, plus u wanna look good in them ;)

Joyce said...

wait a second, Dena...bukan kau pandai menjahit ka? kau bikin lah Mei tai kau sendiri...banyak tutorial tu mau bikin mei tai...lepas kau bikin 1, kau bikin juga untuk saya ah...saya jadi tukang tester :)

debrajill said...

Hi Joyce~ yess! i agree how comfy is babysling or babywearer~ just bought one from Little me, Pupsik Studio and I love it! senang ni mau jalan2..and shopping especiallY! yeah..most ppl using stroller..and hairan klu saya bawa sikut2 anak saya fren was saying mcm org kmpung..argh..yeah should promote babywearer~ hehe..

Joyce said...

Adakah kita beli tu carrier mahal2, dia bilang org kampung? Chisss

Oji said...

aih, napa ba kasi tunjuk2 itu carrier? apagon gia semua tu...kering la wallet sa, CD pun belum cukup lagi nie, haih!

mamaKiko said...

joyce, ko pnya DIY wrap yg ko bli d Kamdar tu sm mcm yg pnya ooo..bli d Kamdar jg...bklu baby less than 8kg syok pakai tu, tp klu berat sudah mcm xsyok ooo...

~kar~ said...

Rozy: si Joyce memang peRACUN numbur satu ni (after si Farrah)..hehehe...tapi Racun memang sedap ooo...

Joyce: Good post! Jgn lupa itu BW gath aa, kita naik bukit sana Bukit Padang :)

Deana E said...

saya baru belajar nie but let me check.memang nampak senang juga buat tu but mo tau rajin ka tidak ja..hehe, wah, itu wrap pandai juga ko buat/pakai. nanti saya check how to pakai la

Michelle said...

Yup! I think it's better than strollers... no more taking corners in supermarkets or waiting for human traffic lol! it's also convenient when traveling and flying. you'll have more arms to carry and multi task! but wah, banyak oh kau beli...

ms enet merisa said...

ur diy wraps are beautiful :) and kemas u ikat...

bah kalau ada gathering, kasitau urg labuan juga ah :)

Erin Gray said...

wahh!this post buat sya mau cancel sia pny Stroller hunting oo! hahaha....tu diy wraps terror oo u buat...and the willow ring sling lawa... thanks for the link...abis la pokai murah lg ba ni banding sma tu stroller...

Evelyn Laiyap said...

Wow!! byk oh collection ko!! nasib anak sia sudah berjalan.. else.. teracun balik sia pasal ni Baby Wearing ni.. dulu sia pun kegilaan ni Baby Wearing ni.. but sia beli 1 only.. the others semua DIY ja .. hehe.. but frankly baby wearing bukan ja convenient but create the bond between the anak and the mom bah .. btw Great Info bah.. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

muffinman: i only have pouch saja, but i'm not that pandai to use it lah. have to practise more lah. bah, if you have bw gathering, jangan lupa announce, i mau join and hopefully can sample sample some before beli. i takut beli and then tidak ngam...hehehe.

farrahar said...

fuh... terspeechless terus... lol!

Dewi Batrishya said...

Interesting.. ^^
TQ for Sharing!

Nanak said...

hi joyce,
sa pun ikut-ikutan menyukung ni babywearing...aiya,bikin bankrap jg oh kalau mau semua..mcm sy tpikat jg itu wraps & pouch tp nti bsar mata si Hubby..skng sy guna ring sling jak..fuiyoo,sy p clinic..byk mata tingu oh..hehe..minta puji!

Mimi said...

ekceli sa pun ada tu ring sling.. but dunno y i'm not dat comfortable using it. mcm baby pun x comfortable pakai.. but then maybe sa yg x pandai pasang hehehe... pastu i gave it away to... dunno who.. sa pun lupa suda. trus sa menyasal nih! :-(

Joyce said...

@Kar - yes, Bukit padang mission kita this year...

@Dena - Belajarlah wrapping Dena, perfect for newborn tuuuuu...

@Michelle - yes Michelle, very convinient.

@ms enet - bah nanti sia inform u if ada BW gathering di KK.

@Erin - Erin, siok bah BW, punya susah mau bawa stroller di kk yang tidak baby friendly ni...

@Evelyn - Thank you ;)

@muffinman - no problem muffinman, nanti will announce here in my blog.

@farrahar - promote maaaaaaa

@Dewi - ur welcome

@nanak - ya bah, macam sia juga haritu perasan cantik pakai silk RS time wedding ... trus macam celebrity kau rasa kana tinguk

@Len - alaaa...tapi kau mau BW siapa skrang...anak kau basar sudah. UNLESSS............. :)

Cath J said...

nice... I dun no kalau saya pandai pakai tuohh... adui... ~.@


chegu carol said...

Waaa byk collection babysling ko Os.
Cute2 lagi tu suma. Tus stylo betul mo pakai kain sikut2 baby.
Iya, kalau si Dena pandai sdh jahit, sia pun buli refer sama dia saja la next time :)


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