Wednesday, May 19, 2010

CD shopping craze for Baby #2

Remember my 1st online CD the max!!
Here I am again with my new baby syndrom...I'm crazy for fitted CDs, I can't stand the super cute girl prints...I know I said this like a million times, i'm so happy i have a baby girl this time :)

As promised, here are my purchases for the mommas to drool over these CDs... LOL!!

Mostly saya pajak from DiaperSwappers FSOT(for sale or trade), except for the snugglehugs diapers.

Cloth Couture Fitted diaper from DS FSOT

Rita Pattern OneSize Fitted diapers,
these yummy fitteds are made by wahm(work at home mom)

One of the mama have 30 of these to sell all different prints, below is the stash shot...

I went crazy when I saw her thread. Kamurang tidak gila ka nampak ni..?!!
Sampai saya 2 minggu termimpi-mimpi mau beli semua kah tidak ...but at last terbeli juga 3..

Cuddle Buns OneSize Fitted diapers

GAD pockets

TK cuddler AIOs(all in one)

and all these too from DS fsot,
1st row - Diane's diaper & Carob seed (both fitted)
2nd row - Fuzzi Bunz pocket & Nana's bottom AIO
3rd row - fleece cover & Thirties duo cover

These are from Snugglehugs
2 AIOs and 2 covers, bought these diapers on clearance
she still have diaper covers on sale for $3.00!!!
Click here to go to SnuggleHugs Clearance page

Aaaahhh, i'm so contented and broke...


Cloth Diaper Malaysia said...

OMG, why you promote that SnuggleHugs clearance...?? I mau beli sudah!

And btw, who was the one who sold of the 30 fitted CDs? I seemed to have missed that! :( (But good also lah, jimat my money, hehe)

Joyce said...

hehe i'm not promoting lah, it's just a good deal to pass it on to other mommas ;)

A DS mama Luvmy6boys =, I can't find the thread, seems that all already sold.

Michelle said...

WOW! I'm looking for cloth diapers myself... tapi kan very particular about if it's Bamboo or not. i want bamboo since I heard cotton can make baby rash really scary. Thanks for sharing! Will check it out :)

Deana E said...

yang penting content..suruh gary cari banyak duit..or you beranak banyak banyak so tidak

Sheena said...

Joyce!!Kenapa sia nda nampak sumua nih sana DA!!!Waaaa sia jeles oohh!!

Joyce said...

michelle - u can sew kan...bikin ur own CD lah, then make also for me hehe

Dena - yes, itu yg penting tu..

Sheena - di diaperswappers lah bukan di diaperasia

Sheena said...

ooh yakah..doii confuse sikit..bah mo p check la ni sana.

~kar~ said... has begun!

oji said...

waahh, I also want to buy more CD la...

Cherish Tulips said...

Hi wow you have a lot of collection of CDs there!! So everything bantam cuci kainlah is it?

Joyce said...

what is "bantam"?

Cherish Tulips said...

Hi Joyce,sorrylar my iPhone ni autocorrect my I don't know what I wrote before.. But definitely i oso don't know what bantam is... Hahaha..

James cuck said...

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