Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Didi is back..

Im so happy that my sister Didi is back for good. She finished her contract with Flinders Hospital, Adelaide... & decided to rest for 6 months. Dunno lah if she can tahan not working that long. But im glad she's back. She can be Little Jimonon's babysitter... plus free doctor's treatments hehehe... special betul si Jimonon ni!!!

Dr. Judy with little Jimomon

Lots of baby cloths for Little Jimonon...I especially love this beach t-shirt
*my mom's messy hair, kena kasih bangun dari tidur...*

Lut is so excited with his xbox from didi, & soooo happy he bought himself a Leadtek Winfast A6600 GT TDH 128mb AGP 8x graphic card di KL....he said kunun paling torrrbaik punya graphic card.

Well, for me... I got 2 handbags & a Ralph Lauren perfume ... I'm so wangi right now....
*I know Lynn also wear this fragrance kan.... ;) *


Mimi said...

napa semua gambar sister ko ada blur sikit? dia guyang2 ka masa ko snap? atau ko yg teguyang?

Joyce said...

dia guyang-guyang bah tu masa angkat jimonon.. then sya guna indoor punya mode lagi...kalau guyang tetap blur punya.


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