Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Eela's Pre-Birthday drinking session

Last nite celebrating cousin Eela's pre-birthday at the loft. A place where they play easy listening 70's, 80's & early 90's music. I called pre-birthday coz, ada lagi this friday hihihi!!!
Happy Birthday Eella!!

EEEiii look at Hubbs gothic oh napatu??!! kikikik ...
*Vivi look comel..*

group pic : Hubbs, Vivi, Didi, Me & Eon

Me n birthday girl

Kami pun mau pi Glasgow...!!

The Loft Bar

not enough light, guna handphone punya light pun ok juga...still the quality picture tidak bagus...

Eella the birthday girl... & she yg belanja ... Thank You Lla...!!

After the Loft, we want to check out "Bed". Didnt know its a ladies 1st free drinks for ladies. Yay... tapi tidak sedap juga the drink..Hubbs didnt care coz she said its free...

bed room. The band sucks...!!


hubbs said...

i think i'll get rid of that lipstick :-p

Lynn said... syiok..i also want to join oh


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