Saturday, July 15, 2006

Engagement Party - Part II

These are some part of the engagement pics at Gerry's place taken by Jag's camera...


Ben's ass

Lut & Didi making "the drink" campur cola

didi making her way to make Gerry's dad drink "the drink"
"so good...."

cheerss to gogo, white shirt guy, alon & uncle Lumi

cheers to u guys too..

and cheers to my gurls... and abang peter

Jimonon patah

Someone PATAH !!!!

mine...all mine

best buddies

love this group pic..

nah...go to abang alex..

jom..lets dance!!

with Uncle Lumi

c'mon auntie Doreen...lets joget..

Best day belum lagi wedding...


imanobody0 said...

Heya Os...
About that dome idea right...sounds wonderfull. You'd probably wanna check out this site of my senior's at Uni dulu: or . You might find more ideas...

Lynn said...

I bet your wedding day will be 100% times much more happening & it will be the most beautiful day of your life..woohoo

Joyce said...

of course it will...coz u also gonna be there & make it much more happening kan...kan..!! hehe


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