Monday, July 31, 2006

Labuan Trip

The guys from Penampang Proper having a football match between the customs guys *i think* held at Labuan. Its an opportunity for me & Gerry mau "boduk" alchohol for our wedding hehe...
The trip is by a charter bus to Menumbok then speedboat to Labuan.

occupying the time playing apalagi kalau bukan lap-lap

serious juga kamu pai tu daun

west looks bored..

Leonard, ngeh and gerry rancak bercerita

as we arrived Menumbok at the ticket station, i saw a few guys playing a game of Dam using bottle caps...yang merah tu Queen dia lah hehe, interesting juga!!

Geelee, me & apuk in the speedboat...nasib ada roof, kalau tidak habis kulit

coming out from the boat. Apuk with the official soccer ball..

after lunch we head to the Labuan Marine for public with free entrance
" baby shark"

nong-go fish?

everybody watching sharks

while Linus taking pics of them...unfortunately he lost his camera that nite at Pub Popin

playing with sharks

Gerry & Linus touching the shark fin

im suppose to look like im in an aquarium

ular, monkey, Joguk, Jebeister, Chriss, Leonard & Apuk

With all the guys at the Marine Museum entrance...

with the swordfish...besar pula nostril sya...nasib ngam-ngam teda dungot!!

7 person in Oct's purple kancil...!!!

gerry & buntat playing motorbike at Financial Park

Unfortunately while we were getting ready for the nite. Ngeh's father passed away that day & he had to fly back to KK that nite. Football match was cancelled & our 3days trip tukar jadi 2days. we had to return KK the next day. Tapi sempat juga boduk alchohol...& ada orang tolong angkat 5 "beg berat" kami hehe ;)

seperti biasa...on our way back to KK


Anonymous said...

masih aktif lagi pulak Penampang Proper punya team ni ar main bula. Condolence to Bond (Bond Boniu punya dad bah kan passed away). Ndak laa durang main bula tu, but anyway, dapat juga you all boduk minuman kan. :-). Ramai lagi tukang angkat...

maekOlis said... condolence to Bond too..for a moment there i forgot his name but thanks to Joyce (asing)

~kar~ said...

I was also in Labuan that time for the Citrawarna Citrarasa thingy. Ter-miss oo kita.

Joyce said...

Yes, condolence tu ngeh's dad.

i was there on friday for the Citrawarna Citrarasa thingy too..skejap only coz, masih rehearsal. I missed it on saturday sebab kami sibuk beli alchohol hehe..

Sayang juga kita tidak terjumpa kan... I thought Labuan suppose to be a small town...!!!


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