Saturday, August 19, 2006

Jay Jay's Wedding

My cousin, Seymour Jay-Jay the youngest in 13 siblings of the Simol family got married 2 weeks ago on the 5th of August to a Kota Belud gal Vella.

Church : St. Catherine, Inanam
Venue : Kg. Tuavon
Time : 6.00pm
Theme Color : Red

The preparation

home made jamban with kertas diding...

Lut & JayJay looked busy kunun maka baru sampai...

the girls inside making the attendant's gifts

while kakak tondu having her nails done

daddy look bergaya with uncle Onsus bike
The Wedding day - Church
group pic of the family before going to church..

Jade & one of vella's relative as the flower girls

ready to walk down the aisle

Mr & Mrs Terence Pudin as their witnesses

Kakak Tondu making sure the kids are in their right position

"on our way to say I Do.."

Vella look so happy here...

"I...Seymour, promise to take Vella ..."

"I Vella...promise to take Seymour..."

the blessing

"Vella take this ring...."

"Seymour take this ring...."

I pronounce u husband & wife

the offering

i kinda like the idea of wearing working outfit

fruits as offering...!!

vella signing while JJ looks on

then the priest

congratulating the newlyweds....

photo with the priest, witnesses & the marriage certificate

group photo

Mr & Mrs Carl Moosom & son Jimonon

my missing, sakit perut that morning!!
The Reception

7 kem and 3000+ krusi...or so they said


bartenders with their cute aprons...

dorom filled with beers..

June's husband, York & Pipop's husband, Ken

receiving their guests

the maid of honor & the bestman

Jorgie's gf & Joni

Jay-Jay waiting for guests..

the studio photo from Paris Bridal studio

Band D'Sompoton...same band during engagement

Abang Tony serving tapai with suki

the beautiful & gorgeous Johsia & Jovini

funny face kids...!!!

entertaining a guest

Lut already look a bit red from the drinking

Ibi's kids...& alesya

Gitik & Flora preparing for toasting

the groom & the bride

group pic

father & daughter

Ben pun ada datang...

everyone's dancing

serving suki to guest

and to themselves..

more dancing

bartender pun mau minum juga

Jorgie & gf....Max kacau daun

gerry sumazau...i didnt know Jag also can sumazau

Alex made abang Inu tizus beer..

RELA enjoying the dinner...panat juga bah jaga kereta

Atama is in da house y'all

punya tipu...minum beer ka tu buih dia?

York having a great time

Ina Tingguning never gonna forget the moment she spent with Jag...;)
punya patah muka Gerry nampak di belakang

cheers to Abang Inu...

and mama...habis juga Eyon tizus the beer...

this guy can sing exactly like Tom Jones...

everyone got excited even didi & panuh the dance floor...

Jolene next bride-to-be, Pipop a mom-to-be & Didi

poll dancers??

Abang Peter patah...!!!

paparazzi shots...

Pongon having a great time with guests..

Bibi also enjoying the wedding with the guest...

wah ... punya berabis si Leslie kambing katawa...

the doctors did it again...

Ilum & Cassie

Mr. & Mrs Cold Cold heart...

Max the drummer boy

Alon & York trus jadi bestfriend...

more beer?...

Thanks to Kevin...most of the pictures taken by him.


carolchs said...

joyce...tanya sikit..dat jovini, did she lives in kgau b4? mcm familiar bah...

Anonymous said...

Good photos! punya sayang i missed the wedding..boohooo


Joyce said...

I know Jovini from tambunan lah...but i dunno yg she pernah stay di keningau...

Siapa suruh kau miss Vie...ha ha

lynne said...

haizz missed lagi wedding tapi os ko punya wedding mustahil la sa nda dtg.. berjurut juga wedding ko sama mimi kan osso.. abis al berjoget time ko OS


Anonymous said...

Sepa tuh yg sabala si Embeek (leslie) n Boy Tondu tuh? Si Max kah sepa tuh?? Punya tinggi.

Joyce said...

from the group pic. As u know embeek & boy tondu not that yg guy in the middle tu normal height saja, is Kevin yang took most of the pics yg kena post on this entry...
Max by the way is sebelah lagi boy tondu & his dad.

carolchs said...

ouu...maybe pelanduk 7 rupa...thnx

Anonymous said...

Huh?? Who is Kevin?? Sia inda tau ada nama Kevin dalam family tree.

Joyce said...

Kevin is Jerry's friend...who also hang out with the Simol family occasionally... a family friend. Macam Hubbs juga... our family friend :)


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